Supporters of Allison Baden-Clay, who was murdered by her husband Gerard Baden-Clay, are going to show their outrage over the downgraded conviction of the man on Friday at a rally in the Brisbane CBD.

People have expressed their intent to join the rally on the Facebook page in support of the victim. Some of them feel bad that they won’t be able to join because it’s scheduled on a working day.

Meanwhile, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has appealed to the public to be patient, as he argues that the Director of Public Prosecutions should be given enough time to consider if the Supreme Court of Appeal ruling will be appealed to the High Court.

“This matter is an extremely emotional issue for many people across our state, but I want to reassure the Queensland public that the DPP is examining this issue in detail,” The Australian quoted Palaszczuk as saying. “I know I’m asking Queenslanders and the public — the families out there — to be patient, but we have to let the DPP do its job.”

A hashtag called #DoingIt4Allison is making the rounds on the Web as stars express their support for the cause. Senator Glenn Lazarus is part of a video which asks Queenslanders and all other Australians to get together for the rally against domestic violence to convey the message that women are not protected enough.

A petition to “appeal the decision reducing Gerard Baden-Clay's murder conviction to manslaughter” needs 150,000 people for support. More than 106,000 people have already signed up for the cause, but it still needs more than 40,000 supporters.

“We, the people of Australia, are outraged by the decision of the QLD court to reduce Gerard's Baden-Clay's conviction for the murder of his wife, Allison Baden-Clay, to the lesser charge of manslaughter,” the petition says. “We are requesting the QLD Attorney-General files an appeal against this decision.”

The rally is scheduled to start at 12:15 pm in Brisbane's King George Square.

Source: YouTube/doingit4allison

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