The Division
"The Division" Conflict update will change the loot system and bring a new incursion to the game. Ubisoft

Update: More issues and a new HVT exploit spotted.

Ubisoft has dropped the latest “The Division” update. This time, it’s looking at quite the number of changes for loot drops and re-specified rewards for some new activities.

The patch notes, detailed over the official “The Division” website, is fairly long. Most notably, it brings a long list of bug fixes in response to players’ plea to improve the sometimes broken game.

One big bug that was fixed would be the stacking exploit. Previously, players can stack the effect of talents with rapid changing of weapons. This buffed characters and sometimes even made very high damage shots.

Most of the fixes are actually for talents that do not function as intended. For instance, the Reckless gear talent used to increase player damage instead of decreasing it. The Brutal gear talent would inflict damage that was multiplicative rather than additive. Talents that could be used by triggered skills that can be activated by just aiming at the skill rather than actually using it have also been fixed.

Ubisoft has also fixed a bug that allows players to fall through the map in Brooklyn. A couple of bugs for the Base of Operation have also been fixed.

More than the bugs, there are new gear sets coming to “The Division.” Final Measure is for a more defensive set of players, as it is used to defuse hostile grenades. Hunter’s Faith is a marksman set. Lone Star is all about ammo, as its pieces allow for fully regaining ammo, some hefty additional damage with ammo and a boost in ammo capacity. The last is Predator’s Mark, which is meant for the offensive players.

While there are a lot of players who are looking forward to “The Division” Conflict update, players have been spotting new bugs left and right. Currently, there is a mega thread for bugs for the Conflict update over at Reddit.

The biggest glitch sighted is the Double Screen Glitch. According to one Reddit user, it can happen when entering another person’s instance. A video, seen below, shows how this bug happens. A lot of players have already confirmed the UI bug.

This needs to be fixed as it [is] causing massive lag. If you keep changing instances it is just overlapping the UI non-stop,” said Reddit user jynxs4. Several players felt that this bug is making the game unplayable, so an urgent patch needs to be made.

Other bugs that were found include broken chats, items that cannot be marked, Incursion issues that teleport players back to the start of Clear Sky, disappearing armour values and invisible walls in the Dark Zone.

"The Division" UI bug (Credit: YouTube/