The Sims 4
"The Sims 4" Dine Out Pack will feature some gourmet experimental food. EA

EA and Maxis have given a few more teasers on what “The Sims 4” Dine Out Pack will bring. It appears that the creators will bring in more experimental food stuff to “The Sims 4.”

“We were eager to experiment in a more ambitious culinary realm, so we set them loose to create a huge array of high concept, bizarre, tantalizing Experimental Food,” said the developer in a recent blog update.

Some of the sample experimental dishes can be seen in the image above. These new food samples are meant to emulate those that can be seen straight from the kitchens of chefs all over the world.

For instance, there’s the Volcano Pasta, the Jungle Moss Egg with Lavender Wisps and the Bacon Love Petals. There are even more alien and more colourful food items, among the standouts would be what appears like a hors d’oeuvre made of squid tentacles.

Also seen in the image are Moodlets that show how the Sims feel about the flavours that they are tasting with the new food items. What’s even more interesting is the fact that “The Sims 4” Dine Out Pack will aim to mimic real life—and that means allowing for food photography to blossom.

Sims Community had spotted a new screenshot for “The Sims 4” Dine Out Pack. It appears that there will be something akin to a Post Photo on Simstagram interaction for Sims and the restaurant owners.

SimGuruNinja had confirmed that the photos of food taken can be stored in the inventory. From there, it can be used as photographs to decorate in and around the home, as seen in the screenshot via the link.

There is one final detail that had been teased in by “The Sims 4” Dine Out Pack. Since building and managing a restaurant is no work in the park, it also requires players and restaurant owners to be mindful of what the serve up and how they serve customers.

If a new detail is to be believed, there may even be a restaurant rating system for Sims to show their admiration—or disdain—for a particular restaurant. “The Sims 4” Dine Out Pack is coming in June 7. Check out the announcement trailer below to see some of the features.

"The Sims 4" Dine Out Pack Trailer (Credit: YouTube/The Sims)