Dark Souls Board Game
"Dark Souls: The Board Game" is Steamforged Games' new Kickstarter success. Steamforged Games

“Dark Souls 3” PC fans may still be waiting for the big patch that will fix some serious bugs in the game. But the wait will be made easier, thanks to these two interesting mods from fans, as well as a new Kickstarter success for the franchise.

Over at Reddit, Sylverski has teased that his friend Zulliethewitch is currently working on a first-person perspective mod for “Dark Souls 3.” According to the Reddit poster, the mod mimics how the first-person perspective works in previous ‘Dark Souls” mod that was also made by Zulliethewitch.

The details for getting the mod are all available in the Reddit thread link above. Fans will be happy to know that thy will not be limited in terms of weapons, as all types and other items are also allowed to be used in the first-person mod.

As usual, using the mod comes at a risk. While the developer did state that the mod does not modify files, it is still best to have backups.

There is another mode, this time allowing players to play as Boss enemies. WCCF Tech spotted the new mod, which was created by a “Dark Souls 3” fan. Basically, the mod is set to let players to control bosses during the game. It appears that the main goal fo the mod is to allow offline play with two-players in an arena mod and with controllable bosses.

The mod is still a work-in-progress. A video, available below, shows what is in the mod so far. The creator also aims to enables Boss POV camera. This mod will be available for PC players, so this will be a nice way to enjoy “Dark Souls 3” from a new perspective.

Finally, those who want to take a break from the videogame side of “Dark Souls” can do so with a board game from the franchise. Creator Steamforged Games has successfully held a Kickstarter campaign, which introduced the “Dark Souls: The Board Game.”

It is now reportedly one of the most successful Kickstarter projects to date, as it has far exceeded its goal to amass a staggering US$5.45 million (approx. AU$7.56 million) from over 31,000 backers, DualShockers reported.

The developer has added two more characters, Witch Beatrice and Sword Master Saber to the offer as part of the stretch goals reached. Interestingly, the creator has also allowed for late pledges to still stream in for those who have missed the Kickstarter campaign.

Over at Steamforged Games’ website, the developer is now offering an £80 (approx. AU$162) Late Backer Souls Pledge that can be purchased either via credit or debit card or Paypal. This offer will include all unlocked stretch goals during the campaign. Additionally, fans who may have pledged lower amounts during the Kickstarter campaign will have a chance to manage their pledges later on.

"Dark Souls 3" Boss mode (Credit: YouTube/DaTaHaCKs)