The Division
"The Division" Conflict update brings the Clear Sky Incursion. Ubisoft

It’s another dance with the bugs for “The Division.” Even after the latest 1.2 update dubbed Conflict update, fans are still reporting a lot of bugs encountered.

The latest batch of complaints have spotted missing characters yet again, as seen in the 1.1 update. According to GamesRadar, this new bug is now affecting PC players. The silver lining for this issue is that it may be a little less hassling for players this time around.

It may not even be the same issue as last time. Apart from the fewer instances found for wiped out characters, the issue from before had been more massive due to a server sync glitch. Ubisoft has yet to announce how the matter will be fixed.

Another problem, spotted by Escapist Magazine, involves matchmaking issues among players who are trying out Clear Sky. According to the report, there are instances wherein the raid will reset more than once. There are some cases when players will be kicked out of Clear Sky and into the beginning of the segment.

Buggy missions are not uncommon after the latest update. Previously, it was reported that fans are already collating bugs found with “The Division” Conflict Update.

Even with all of the bugs, however, it seems that players are not tired of looking for exploits that they can use in “The Division.” One Reddit user had reported that players can try a new HVT exploit which can give more daily missions.

As per the Reddit discussion, a player will need to go to the Base of Operations and buy the last daily Mission. From there, they will need to kill all the mobs before the boss spawn. Upon killing the boss, they will need to then leave a few mobs alive so that the mission will not be completed. The players then need to gather the weapons, sets and other items on the floor.

Before finishing the mission, the player will need to kill his character to the rest of the mobs that are left behind. This will respawn the player back at the Base of Operations. This will give the player the option of accepting the contract for the Daily Mission again and again.

Of course, as this is an exploit, “The Division” players need a fair warning that this is to be done at their own risk. Ubisoft has already announced before hat it will be cracking down on cheaters who use exploits in the game. While this may be part of the Conflict Update, there is still a big chance that a player can get banned if they use this exploit.