The Division
"The Division" Conflict update will change the loot system and bring a new incursion to the game. Ubisoft

Ubisoft and Massive have given new information on the upcoming Conflict update for “The Division.” The update 1.2 is aimed to change the loot system of the game to make the grind easier and more fun to do for players.

Detailed in a new blog post via the official website, the developer has confirmed an increase in item drops, better quality of drops and new sources for loot acquisition, both in the open world and in the Dark Zone.

Since one of the developer’s goal is to move away from end-game crafting, it is now trying to marry the ability to earn loot with the activities with which this can be done. As such, Ubisoft has looked into some loot drops that do not give as much rewards, the sources of the best gear, the Dark Zone drops and even the underwhelming quality of Supply Drops in the Dark Zone.

“With update 1.2, we want to make loot more fun! To do this, we be more generous overall, provide clear progression steps, allow more diverse gameplay options to obtain the best loot and make the Dark Zone more consistent to the Gear Score of the player,” said Ubisoft.

The planned changes for the loot has been detailed in the link above, by way of a cheat sheet for easier inspection.

The developer is also planning to roll out some changes to the open world city of Manhattan. This way, players can alternate playing both in the Dark Zone and in the campaign, as some of the best loot can be obtained in both the PvP and PvE zones.

When targeting named NPCs, players can expect three kinds of drops. Daily High Value Target drops can give as much as 182 High End or 214 Gear Set and a chance for a 191 Gear Set. Weekly High Value Target drops can earn players a 182 High End or 214 Gear Set and a chance to get a 214 Gear Set. Another weekly drop is the High Risk Target. This will give a 204 High End or a 214 Gear Set with a chance for a 240 Gear Set.

Drops that will be obtained via mission will also be adjusted so that they progress alongside the player’s progression. Both Hard and Challenge modes will get Boss Drops and Mission Rewards.

Speaking of things to look forward to in the latest update of “The Division,” Ubisoft has teased that Clear Sky, the new Incursion for the update. According to the developer, it will be a different experience than the Falcon Lost from the first update.

Finally, Ubisoft also tested a new mechanic that involves rope-cutting. This is basically the hijack mechanic, which could add a new layer to the overall experience of the Dark Zone. WCCF Tech reported that Ubisoft has revealed a few details as to how the hijack will take place.

Quoting the developer in the latest “The Division” livestream, the source stated that hijacking another player’s loot will require six seconds of rope-cutting and loot-stealing to pull off the stunt. However, when the player does try to cut the rope, he will fall into a 19-second rogue status timer. This will then transform into a 90-second rogue timer once the rope has been cut.

“The Division” Loot 2.0 upgrade will arrive with the Conflict update on May 24. It will come simultaneously for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.