Fallout 4
"Fallout 4" 1.5 update will bring support for Far Harbor DLC. Bethesda

“Fallout 4” players may already have a copy of the Far Harbor DLC. For those who have yet to try and explore the secrets in the new DLC, some players have already stumbled upon some interesting aspects of the expansion.

Among these are some Easter eggs, a random encounter and a map comparison of just how big Far Harbor is in the “Fallout 4” map.

Wyatt Family reference

WWE fans will find a neat little reference to the Wyatt family in “Fallout 4.” According to Reddit user j3nl0bh, the “Fallout 4” Far Harbor DLC features a location called Rock Point Camp. Here, fans will find a series of Holotapes, wherein camp leader Bray is instructing three campers on the chores around the camp.

The Reddit user had noticed that the three campers are named Luke Rowan and Braun. The leader is apparently Bray Husky, which one fan took notice to be a reference to Husky Harris, a known moniker.

Map comparisons with Commonwealth

While Far Harbor was previously rumoured to have a bigger landmass than the Shivering Isles, there is now a project that shows just how much the added land mass is. Twinfinite has spotted a comparison that puts the added landmass in perspective with the Commonwealth territory.

It seems that Far Harbor is estimated to be 20 percent the size of Commonwealth. There is even an illustration juxtaposing the two maps with each other. This makes sense, given how Bethesda has promised that there will be more exploration with the latest update.

Get 100 caps for the Change Card

“Fallout 4” players may get a blast from the past in one arm of the expansion. Payers who may have encountered a Parker Quinn and got scammed off of buying a Charge Card before—now is the time to make use of the thing.

Kotaku reported that the charge card will now be accepted in Far Harbor. However, players should note that the Charge Card costs 110 caps. And since 10 of those caps is a charge fee for Quinn, the Charge Card is really a losing deal.

Players will only get 100 caps for the Charge Card. For players who did fall for Quinn’s “scam,” this is a good chance to get those 100 caps back, at least.