"Destiny" players can jump into the new Iron Banner on June 21. Bungie

The June update for “Destiny” has finally been released. And it seems that fans are already up in arms in exploring just what the update brought to the game.

In the Weekly Destiny Update, the developer showcased some fan projects that made use of the chroma colours for Guardians. More than the Guardian selfies in different “Destiny” locations and varying Guardian poses, Bungie has also announced the Iron Banner happening for next week.

Dated to run from June 21 to 28, the Iron Banner will reward new Titan, Warlock and Hunter armours, the last of which is seen in the image above, while PlayStation players can get the exclusive armour as well. New weapons include scout rifles and machine guns, and other class items and helmets.

The biggest announcement for “Destiny” is mostly linked to its confirmation of the Rise of Iron, coming soon to the game as another big expansion. Among the returnees is the Gjallarhorn one of the weapons that have quickly been a fan-favourite. After being left behind in terms of stats for the weapons line, Bungie seems to be looking at changing up the weapon to bring it back to “Destiny.”

Speaking to The Verge, Bungie Executive Producer Scott Taylor stated that the team had talked about the effect of the comeback for the Gjallarhorn. According to them, they felt that the fans will respond positively to the return of the weapon.

More than just as a returning weapon, the Gjallarhorn will also help the story of the Rise of Iron expansion to expand. It seems that the weapon is somehow connected to the back story of the Iron Lords. What’s more, this time, the balancing concerning the weapon is more solidified, so much so that the Gjallarhorn will not necessarily enjoy the same easy kill it was once known for.

“Destiny” Rise of Iron will debut on Sept. 20. The expansion is only coming to the PS4 and Xbox One, mostly because, according to GameSpot, most of the player are already playing the game on the current-gen console. The good news here is that a PC version is still under serious consideration.