'Gotham City Sirens'
'Gotham City Sirens' comic book cover illustration. DC Comics/Readcomics.tv

Another DC villain is making his movie debut in the upcoming “Gotham City Sirens.” The anti-hero themed movie might have just found the perfect foe for the three notorious female criminals of the DC world.

Apparently, “Suicide Squad” director David Ayers has hinted the Black Mask as the probable next DC villain. If the tweet will be taken seriously, Dark Mask could be main antagonist for the “Gotham City Sirens.” This was teased through his Twitter post of a photo showing the Black Mask. (See bottom of article for tweet.)

Until Ayers has confirmed this speculation, there is no guarantee that the tweet of the Black Mask means that the character will appear in the upcoming film. But knowing how the director uses most of his social media accounts to promote his work, such as the “Suicide Squad,” this could be a big possibility.

Black Mask is a DC Comics villain who was once the head of a cosmetics company. Like any other villain, he has strayed away from the righteous path and has become a leader of a criminal empire. He got his alias due to his obsession with masks. During a bout with Batman and Robin, he fell into an open fire while wearing one of his personalised masks. The mask was then permanently burned onto his face.

Ayers will be focusing more on the aforementioned movie spinoff, which will revolve around Harley Quinn and her origin story rather that signing in for the second installment of “Suicide Squad.” Harley Quinn will be portrayed by Margot Robbie, who played the same in the previous DC film.

According to GamesRadar, Robbie will be joined by two other Gotham villainesses namely Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Although there is still no concrete detail as to who will portray the other two members of the Sirens, reports say that actress Megan Foxx (“Transformers”) and Stephanie Corneliussen (“Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters”) have been eyeing the role of Poison Ivy.

The “Gotham City Sirens” will be directed by David Ayer and written by Geneva Robertson-Dworet. The film will star Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and, possibly Jared Leto as Harley's lover and partner in crime, the Joker. The movie does not have an official release date yet. Warner Bros however plans a debut in August 2018, the same timeframe “Suicide Squad” made its first screening last year.