The Dark Mod update: New official trailer and version 2.05 announced
The Dark Mod logo and in-game screenshot from the official site The Dark Mod Official Site,

The new official trailer for “The Dark Mod” update 2.05 has now been released in collaboration with the live run of the stated update. Players will expect a whole new dimension of gameplay in terms of high density resolution especially in the environmental aspect of the game.

“The Dark Mod” update 2.05 has focused on the inclusion of “literally hundreds of new high-quality models and other assets that will change the way 'The Dark Mod' missions look going forward,” according to their official website.

Furthermore, the team from Springheel has explained that they have created hundreds of modular models which will be combined together in order to create multiple types of environments. These are the reasons why the games city streets, buildings, taverns and the whole enviroment itself are enhanced and more realistic.

These new upgrades will be added in the latest patch update of the game. Gamers will be able to appreciate these advancements on the new introductory missions of the update. There will be a total of three introductory mission stories to allow the players to delve into “The Dark Mod” gameplay and overall settings.

Several people have also contributed their time and skills in adding more updates for this patch. One of these talented people is Grayman, who is responsible for adding an elemental AI that will be fire-based and will have its debut on the new missions.

Players will notice that the game’s speed has been greatly enhanced since the last patch. This is because of duzenko and nbhor1more’s modifications. This modification will allow game to perform faster and seamless.

Other modifications include a fix on the sleepers to stop falling through the floor. Another is the new beggar entities and combination safe entities. The bug that makes the players of the AI to be trapped by moving elevators has also been fixed as well.

Players who are planning to update their game version should always keep in mind that their previously saved game data will not be carried and will not be recognised once the update is done. So it is advised to finish all the quests, missions and tasks on the last version before updating the game to 2.05.

These are just some of the modifications that players can find in the new “The Dark Mod” update. For a complete and detailed list of all the upgrades and fixes the Springheel team has made, the Dark Mod wiki has answers.