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Previously on “Criminal Minds,” viewers saw a case that was deeply rooted in the story of David Rossi as a teacher. Viewers were presented with a more personal approach to the character and it was something that many enjoyed and hoped to see more of as the show progresses.

Spoiler alert! This article contains “Criminal Minds” spoilers. Read on if you would like to know what happens before the next episode airs.

The previous episode also served as a good introduction to Stephen Walker, a newcomer to the show who had previous work experience under Rossi. It looks like this character has a lot to bring to the show and it is nice to know that he has some history with the boss as one of his students.

As the show moved forward, viewers followed the story of a vicious group of robbers who were responsible not only for home invasions, but also for a lot of deaths. At first, the BAU felt like the group was being run by a man in a Zeke but, later on, it gets revealed that there is also a woman taking charge.

However, it looks like there was serious disconnect from within the group’s ranks as some of them did not really sign up for a murder group. This was something that Zeke and his lady right hand was not ready for.

In other news, a post on the show’s official Twitter account reveals the return of Dr Spencer Reid (Matthew Gary Gubler) and his mother, Diana (Jane Lynch) on episode 11. According to TV Line, episode 13, titled “Spencer,” will be all about the character so they are setting the stage this early. In an interview, showrunner Erica Messer said that the upcoming Reid storyline is something she never imagined would happen, calling it “intense.”

Why the show had to go on break for this long is not yet known but fans do hope that it is saving its best cards for the episodes to come. This would also give them enough time to load up on plot lines that they are about to build. Episode 10 was aired Jan. 11.

“Criminal Minds” season 12 episode 11, titled “Surface Tension,” returns on Feb. 1 on CBS in the US. In Australia, it airs on Yahoo7.

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