The newly-launched “WWE 2K16” allows for deep customisation of a lot of things including new wrestlers, logos, arenas and more. A companion app was supposed to be released along the game a launch day; howeverit was held back for the launch of the Creation Studio app. The developer has however now officially released the app, giving way for more personal customisation for players to enjoy.

Developer Juke Studios and Visual Concepts released the Creation Studio app for cellphones some time back. The app allows the players to upload or import images for players to use in “WWE 2K16.” The app’s highlight includes a facial recognition feature, which allows player to import their faces so they could create a character just like them.

The developer details the step-by-step process in importing an image through the official blog of “WWE 2K16.” First off, players need to secure themselves a token that can be acquired in “WWE 2K16.” Once activated, the token will be valid for 20 minutes and after which, another new token is required. To make things easier, the Creation Studio App also features a QR code scanner to instantly acquire a token through the TV.

The next step includes the photo itself. Players could take a new one, or they could upload a pre-existing photo instead. Through the photos, they could add their faces, logos and more to the customisable components of “WWE 2K16.”

They users of the app could also make the necessary adjustments to their photos so that it could be suited to their liking. Uploading the photo to the game itself will be easy and players are free to create a more personal character or item.

As with other facial recognition apps, the Creation Studio App results in somewhat horrific character models, Gamespot reports. Back in “NBA 2K15,” the feature resulted in some odd character creations. There are a ton of things to consider when uploading and image including image quality and lighting.

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