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Coronation Street. Taken just outside the tour on Saturday 30th August. No changes were made to the photo. (Creative Commons Legal Code Attribution 2.0: flickr/Mikey

The "Coronation Street" cast, including Samia Ghadie (Maria), Qasim Akhtar (Zeedan), Kym Marsh (Michelle), Rob Mallard (Daniel), Bhavna Limbachia (Rana), Faye Brookes (Kate), Harry Visinoni (Seb), Barbara Knox (Rita), Malcolm Hebden (Norris), Fraser Ayres (Rich), Ellie Leach (Faye) and Georgia Taylor (Toyah), will be featured in the upcoming "Corrie" episodes on Friday. The scenes they will be part of include Will planting drugs in a first aid box to frame Robert, and Michelle's accusation of Rich regarding the drugs that were planted.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains additional 'Coronation Street' spoilers. Read on if you want to know more about the new 'Corrie' episodes on Friday.

Digital Spy reports that on the first episode of Corrie, which airs on ITV at 7:30 pm, Will and Maria will have lunch at the Bistro. However, Will has an ulterior motive of being there. He wants to plant drugs in the first aid box to frame Robert. After successfully putting the drugs in place, he will call the police and tip them off about it.

Meanwhile, Zeedan will accidentally cut himself in the bistro kitchen, no thanks to Rana, who surprises him. Michelle will get the first aid box and eventually discover the drugs that Will planted there. Then the police arrives with sniffer dogs.

Rita has a heart-to-heart talk with Norris

As for Rita, she'll confide in Norris about her failing memory. She'll even confess that she can't remember why she made an appointment with the doctor in the first place. Elsewhere, Seb will call at Number 13, and Faye will notice the bruises on his face. He'll just brush it off and play the whole thing down, but it's obvious he's hiding something.

Michelle accuses Rich of planting the drugs

On the second episode of "Corrie" which airs at 8:30 pm, Michelle will go to Rich's house to accuse him of planting the drugs at the Bistro. Thankfully, Maria and Kate are there to reign her in as she goes at Rich with her numerous accusations. Rich will swear that he's innocent.

As for Toyah, she'll be excited when she finds out that the surrogacy agency arranged a meeting for them. Unfortunately, Peter will realise that the meeting's schedule will clash with the party for the brewery launch. Plus, Faye will tell Seb about the day she planned for them in Chester. Click here to see the photos from the "Coronation Street" episodes on Friday.

"Coronation St" airs weekdays on ITV in the UK. Stay tuned for additional "Corrie" spoilers in next few weeks.

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