Coronation Street star Sue Nicholls pictured by Sean Jones
Sue Nicholls pictured by Sean Jones Wikimedia Commons/Sean Jones

"Coronation Street" cast members, including Sue Nicholls (Audrey), Jack P. Shepherd (David), Sean Wilson (Martin), Tina O'Brien (Sarah), Alison King (Carla), Alex Bain (Simon), Connor McIntyre (Phelan), Mikey North (Gary), Joe Duttine (Tim), Harry Visinoni (Seb), Beverley Callard (Liz), Sally Ann Matthews (Jenny), Julia Goulding (Shona), Richard Hawley (Johnny) and Sue Cleaver (Eileen), will be in the spotlight for the “Corrie” episodes this week. Some of the scenes that will be aired include Audrey’s robbery and Eileen discovering the truth about Phelan.

Spoiler Alert! This update contains additional 'Coronation Street' spoilers 2018. Read on if you want to know about the new episodes of the UK soap opera.

ITV reports that the episodes of “Coronation St” on Monday will show Audrey getting knocked down to the ground by a bunch of robbers who are part of a gang of youths. Meanwhile, Martin will inform David about his confusion over the rush to move to New Zealand. Plus, Sarah will point out that Shona and the kids don’t even want to move.

Seb asks for Tim and Gary’s assistance

On Wednesday, Seb will be convinced that Phelan buried the gun that he used to kill Luke Britton (Dean Fagan) in the cement. He will ask Gary and Tim to help him retrieve it. As for Carla, she will have an honest conversation with Simon. She will try to help solve his behavioural problem by offering him a job at the factory.

Eileen discovers the truth about Phelan

Thursday’s episode will feature Liz telling Johnny that Jenny has already deposited some money for the Spanish villa. On Friday, Eileen will finally discover the truth about Phelan. Plus, The Rovers will prepare to become a more family-friendly pub.

'Coronation Street' episodes recap

Last week, David came back home after being raped. As for Chesney (Sam Aston), he stood firm in his decision to not forgive Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell). Plus, Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) told Tyrone (Alan Halsall) about Hope (Isabella Flanagan). Michelle (Kym Marsh) also confided in Carla about wanting Ali (James Burrows) to attend the wedding.

Richard Hillman's curse

Plus, Gail (Helen Worth) told Rosemary (Sophie Thompson) about Richard Hillman's curse and how it’s responsible for causing problems for Platt. Gail also said that Rosemary will find some money.

"Coronation Street" airs on ITV in the UK during weekdays at 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm GMT. Stay tuned for more updates and "Corrie" spoilers.

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