Coronation Street star Connor McIntyre
"Coronation Street" star Connor McIntyre poses for a photo on his Twitter account while holding a colourful mug that he got as a gift. connor9mcintyre/Twitter

"Coronation Street" cast members, including Connor McIntyre (Pat/Phelan), Sue Cleaver (Eileen), Louiza Patikas (Moira), Qasim Akhtar (Zeedan), Bhavna Limbachia (Rana), Faye Brookes (Kate), Charlie de Melo (Imran), Alison King (Carla), Sally Dynevor (Sally), Kym Marsh (Michelle), Alan Halsall (Tyrone), Dolly-Rose Campbell (Gemma), Helen Worth (Gail) and Jack P. Shepherd (David), will be in the spotlight for the episodes of "Corrie" this week. Watch out for the scenes that will show Eileen throwing a "get to know Pat" party. Unfortunately, Pat is busy trying to cover up his dirty secrets.

Spoiler Alert! This update has additional 'Coronation Street' spoilers 2018. Read on if you want to know about the upcoming episodes of the British soap opera.

ITV reports that on Monday's episode of "Corrie," Phelan will go to the Mill and find out that the lake is being pumped. Unfortunately for him, as the day wears on, he will notice one of the bodies he threw in the lake emerging in the subsiding water. He'll even try to trick the guy pumping the lake to go home early because he claims the weather could get worse later.

Meanwhile, Eileen's party with a "get to know Pat" theme will be in full swing. However, Phelan is still at the lake. She will try to call him but to no avail. As for Moira, she'll just try to keep the guests entertained.

Carla and Michelle tour Sally's house

On Wednesday's episode, Michelle and Carla will express interest in Sally's house, much to her delight. She'll excitedly give them a guided tour of her home. It's still unclear as to why they're suddenly interested. Elsewhere, Imran will offer his brother-in-law Zeedan some advice especially after noticing how affected he is when he saw Rana and Kate arm in arm.

Gail talks about Martin

Friday's episode will show Gail telling David about Martin's (Sean Wilson) girlfriend having a baby. Plus, she also heard that they're emigrating to New Zealand. As for Tyrone, he will talk to Gemma about how Kirsty (Natalie Gumede) used to beat him up. Gemma will try to make him feel better by talking about the awful relationships she had in the past.

'Coronation St' recap

The previous week featured Maria (Samia Longchambon) alerting Beth (Lisa George) about Craig's (Colson Smith) weird behaviour. Beth just dismissed it as Craig being extremely cautious. Meanwhile, Bethany (Lucy Fallon) was questioned by the police because she hit a guy at the lap dancing club. She also got arrested. However, she tried to explain that she only did it because she remembered an incident in the past which involved Nathan (Christopher Harper). Zeedan also walked in on Kate and Rana kissing. Plus, Tyrone thanked Gemma for helping out with the girls.

"Coronation Street" episodes air in the UK on ITV during weekdays at 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm GMT. Stay tuned for more updates and "Corrie" spoilers.

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