Coronation Street star Kym Marsh
"Coronation Street" star Kym Marsh poses for a selfie while waiting at the airport. Marsh plays the character Michelle Connor in "Corrie." @msm4rsh/Twitter

"Coronation Street" cast members, including Kym Marsh (Michelle), Alison King (Carla), James Burrows (Ali), Jack P. Shepherd (David), Helen Worth (Gail), Ryan Clayton (Josh), Sam Aston (Chesney), Dolly-Rose Campbell (Gemma), Jennie McAlpine (Fiz), William Flanagan (Joseph), Isabella Flanagan (Hope), Alan Halsall (Tyrone), Macy Alabi (Ruby) and Sophie Thompson (Rosemary), will be part of the episodes from Monday to Thursday. They will be included in several scenes such as the one where Chesney ignores Gemma and where Michelle talks to Carla about Ali.

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According to ITV, the episode of "Corrie Street" on Monday will show David coming home after being raped. Unfortunately, he will be stunned to see Josh arriving and casually having a conversation with Gail. Meanwhile, Chesney will refuse to forgive Gemma. He'll ignore her during their shift at the kebab shop.

Fiz tells Tyrone the truth about Hope

On Wednesday, Fiz will be forced to confess that Hope was the one causing all the problems. She'll reveal that it was Hope who blocked the plughole and locked them in the factory. Hope also almost caused Joseph to fall down the stairs.

Plus, Tyrone will be surprised and furious when he learns that Ruby was the one being blamed for Hope's actions. As for Michelle, she will tell Carla of her desire for Ali to attend the wedding. Carla will promise her that she’ll make things right between them.

Gail talks about Richard Hillman's curse

On Thursday, Gail will tell Rosemary that she will find cash as well as the time that she needs to get rid of Richard Hillman's curse. She believes that the said curse is the one responsible for causing Platt's problems.

'Coronation St' recap

The previous week showed Billy telling Peter that he’s really putting in the effort to try and get clean. However, he ended up disappearing. This led Amy (Elle Mulvaney) and Summer (Matilda Freeman) to search for Billy (Daniel Brocklebank), which also put them in harm’s way. Meanwhile, David and Josh shared stories about their families while having drinks. Plus, Ali and Wendy (Jane Slavin), his legal mother, had an argument at the medical centre, which was overheard by Liz (Beverley Callard), Robert (Tristan Gemmill) and Moira (Louiza Patika).

"Coronation Street" episodes air weekdays in the UK on the ITV channel at 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm GMT. Stay tuned for more "Corrie" spoilers in the upcoming weeks.

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