Coronation street cast member Colson Smith with co-stars
"Coronation street" cast member Colson Smith poses for a photo with some of his "Corrie" costars. colsonjsmith/Instagram

"Coronation Street" cast members, including Colson Smith (Craig), Julia Goulding (Shona), Shelley King (Yasmeen), Jack P. Shepherd (David), Patti Clare (Mary), Paddy Wallace (Jude), Mikey North (Gary), Tina O'Brien (Sarah), Kym Marsh (Michelle), Alison King (Carla) and James Burrows (Ali), will be part of several scenes of the British soap opera from Monday to Friday. These scenes include Craig telling his family about his condition. Plus, Gary informs Sarah that he plans on being part of his baby’s life.

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According to ITV, on Monday’s episodes of "Corrie Street," David will appear troubled, and Shona will ask him about it. Meanwhile, the aftermath of discovering Phelan’s (Connor McIntyre) awful crimes will be felt by the entire street. Yasmeen thinks the story about Phelan’s crimes is true because the police are all over their area.

Craig comes clean

On Wednesday, Craig will finally talk to his loved ones about his condition. They’ll suggest he go see a doctor, but he’ll ask if they could accompany him there. As for Mary, she will suggest to Jude that it’s a good idea to invite his mates from work for dinner. However, he will reject this idea, making Mary think that he’s ashamed of her.

Gary wants to be part of his baby’s life

Friday’s episodes will feature Carla and Ali hiding their growing attraction to each other from Michelle. They will even have a drink together, and Michelle will be oblivious to it. It’s perfectly fine for Carla because she doesn’t want Michelle to find out about it, anyway. Plus, Gary will inform Sarah about his plans to be part of his kid’s life. Sarah will tell him that they can be a happy family.

'Coronation Street' episodes recap

The previous week showed Audrey (Sue Nicholls) getting robbed by a gang. Elsewhere, Martin (Sean Wilson) and Sarah talked to David about his rash decision to move his family to New Zealand. Meanwhile, Seb (Harry Visinoni) asked for Gary and Tim’s (Joe Duttine) help in retrieving the gun that Phelan used to kill Luke Britton (Dean Fagan). As for Carla, she tried to help out Simon (Alex Bain) by offering him a job at the factory. Plus, Eileen (Sue Cleaver) finally found out the horrifying truth about Phelan.

"Coronation St" airs on weekdays at 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm GMT on UK’s ITV channel. Stay tuned for regular "Corrie" spoilers and updates.

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