Ahsoka Tano
A still from Disney's animation TV series "Star Wars Rebels." Star Wars Rebels/ Facebook

Voice recording of the cast members for “The Clone Wars” season 7 has been ongoing for a while now. Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano) teased some details in a previous interview that has only been released only now.

The announcement about the final season of “The Clone Wars” was made during the New York Comic Con. In an interview with CBR at that time, Eckstein spoke about reprising her role and the challenges she faced.

Eckstein had already started voicing her character at that time, the actress revealed in the interview and added that she can’t tease any more details. Showrunner Dave Filoni is working on the final season, and Eckstein expressed her confidence in him by saying that anything Filoni touches will turn out to be “amazing.”

Ahsoka made her debut appearance in the “Clone Wars” TV series and quickly became a fan favourite. The character later appeared in the “Rebels” animation series, which is set further in the future.

Eckstein has voiced the young Ahsoka, and she later reprised her role for the older version of her character in the “Rebels” TV series. The actress said that she had to unlearn everything in order to play a younger version of her character for the “Clone Wars” TV series.

The age factor wasn’t the only thing that Eckstein was concerned about. The actress pointed out that she can make the relevant changes in her voice to play a younger character, but other aspect is where Ahsoka is emotionally.

Season 7 is set in a time when Ahsoka just left the Jedi Order, and is full of doubt and confusion. Eckstein explained that her character is dealing will all these thoughts and emotions, and she is thinking “What happens next?”

Eckstein thanked the fans for keeping the dream alive for “Clone Wars” season 7. The actress said that she never expected the show to be back, and that she couldn’t believe it when she got the call to reprise her role.