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The Goblin Chalets, Goblin Ninja, Goblin Elder and Forest Berries are the four supposed cards that will make their debut this March in "Clash Royale." The first card release will apparently start on March 17 followed by once every two weeks.

Three of the four cards are speculated to be released from the Jungle Arena and above. This includes the Goblin Ninja, Goblin Elder and Forest Berries. The Goblin Chalets will also probably be released from the Jungle Arena. However, there is no conclusive data for this information.

The Goblin Chalets have Goblins coming out in droves from a cabin. There will be two Goblins that come out from the hut, according to the description. It is unknown where the rarity of the card will be. However, if the developers were to follow the rarity of the hut cards, it will most likely be a rare card. The Goblin Ninja and Goblin Elder are going to be Legendary Cards.

The Goblin Ninja card description said that the Goblin will use stealth for some time. This will allow the Goblin to disappear and deal damage to the enemy. According to the leaks, the card will cost five Elixirs.

The Goblin Elder, also named The Goblin Leader, is a Legendary card. The description given is very vague as it states, “Two goblins throwing a thorn hand, who also continue to throw spears.” This card will apparently target both air and ground units while setting back players by six Elixirs.

Last, but not least, is the Forest Berries. There is nothing much about this card, but it can apparently be collected in the Jungle Arena and above. The berries are said to “...make the army lose its goal, attack in any direction, and will continue to retreat, trying to escape the terrible jungle berries.”

According to Clash Royale Arena, these cards do have descriptions and information on the hitpoints, damage, movement speed, etc. However, the information should be taken with a grain of salt as these are merely speculations until the developer releases an official statement. On top of this, there are usually photos of new cards, but they cannot be found.

In other leaks, it is said that the Classic and Grand Challenges will have reduced entry fees. The former will cost seven gems instead of 10 gems while the latter will cost 75 gems instead of 100 gems. On top of this, there might also be an Anniversary Value Pack. One value pack includes 500 gems, 10,000 gold and Giant Chest. Another includes 2500 gems, 10000 gold, Magical Chest. Another value pack includes 6500 gems, 100k gold, Super Magical Chest.