Clash Royale
"Clash Royale" is among the popular games from Supercell that contribute to the 100 million active players that enjoy the developer's games. Supercell

Many players are looking for the next update and what new cards will be coming to the game. However, it seems that the developers from Supercell cannot give a specific release date. A tweet sent out said that there is no update coming in this week.

The official Twitter account of the popular game “Clash Royale” simply sent out a tweet thanking everybody for their continued support of the game on March 2. (See tweet below.) For those who are not familiar with the date, March 2 is the game’s first year anniversary. Many fans thought that the developers would release something grand. However, there were no new additions to the game except for the Special Event challenge that runs from March 3 to 6.

On top of the “Thank You” tweet sent out, they sent out a tweet of the 50 fun facts about “Clash Royale” the following day. Beneath all of the tweets, retweets and replies, there was a conversation with one user asking if there will be an update coming soon. However, the official “Clash Royale” Twitter account simply replied: “Not this coming week.” Also, there were no sneak peeks given except for the “Team Battle” possibility in the game.

On the “Clash Royale’s” official Twitter account, they shared a video from a YouTube user named Ash. He shared a video of the next possible update “Clash Royale” may have. (See tweet below.) In the video, it showed a screenshot of a discussion one of the Supercell staff wrote in the game’s forum. It stated, “Well because we aren’t able to ship the update before March 2nd, like originally planned, we’ll instead have a modest anniversary celebration 'thing' on March 2nd. But, a few more cool things will come throughout the month of March to make up for it -- so kinda like a month-long anniversary celebration in a way.”

The video that was shared with the video link talks about “Team Battle.” In the video, it explained how the words “Team Battle” were drawn from the clues. It was shared on both the forum as well as news updates that can be found in-game. It was very cleverly hidden, and many fans were able to find out through sharing the information.

As of the time of writing, there is no evidence of what the update can be. On top of this, there are no leaks available that could provide conclusive facts of what the next updates will be. Only time will tell when the next update will be and what will be added in the game.