Clash Royale
"Clash Royale" is among the popular games from Supercell that contribute to the 100 million active players that enjoy the developer's games. Supercell

The last card for the December 2016 update has been released. It is now time for new cards to be introduced in the “Clash Royale” March 2017 update. Some players are wondering what new cards are in store for the upcoming update while others are looking out for card balancing updates. Namely, the Elite Barbarian Hut, Goblin Gun, Queen Archer and Dragon are expected this coming update.

There are many leaks out, hinting what “Clash Royale” could bring about in the March 2017 update. However, there are no official statements released by the developers yet. According to sources, a dragon, a hut, a gun and a queen archer will be coming to the next update. On top of these new cards, the target date for the release of the update is around March 2 or March 5.

Once the release is out, the same procedure will be followed. The new cards will be released once every two weeks. In the upcoming update, the new cards are the Elite Barbarian Hut, Goblin Gun, Queen Archer and Dragon. These cards will be either rare or epic cards. (Watch the video below.)

The Elite Barbarian Hut will cost nine Elixirs. Similar to the regular Barbarian Hut, it will spawn two Elite Barbarians as well. However, the hitpoints of the hut will be much greater than the regular one. This is a Rare Card.

The Goblin Gun will also be a Rare Card. It will cost four Elixirs to use and will shoot out Goblins every 1.5 seconds. According to leak from Opegit Studios, the Goblin Gun will have a life of 40 seconds.

On the other hand, the Queen Archer will be an Epic Card that costs five Elixirs. This will be similar to the Princess Legendary Card. It will have a 7.5 tile range. This is much less compared to the Princess’ 9 tile range. However, the Hit Speed will be much faster at one second compared to the Princess’ 3.5 seconds.

Last, but not the least, is the Dragon card. It will also be an Epic Card that will cost six Elixirs to use. It is similar to the Baby Dragon card but it is much bigger and has higher hitpoints. It also deals splash damage and can deal greater damage to buildings.

Opegit Studio is the most well-known “Clash Royale” leaker. To date, the site has not gotten any leaks wrong. Their most recent leak was the Jungle Arena along with the new cards like Goblin Gang, Executioner and the likes.