Clash Royale
Double Elixir Challenge in November 2017. Facebook/Clash Royale

Those who have missed Supercell’s latest “Clash Royale” reveal should know that there will be three new units in the upcoming update that is expected launch on January 2017. Players will also be able to get their hands on items not included in the Dec. 15 update.

Character improvements have also been teased and that includes Mirror, Bomber, Mortar, Giant Skeletons, Inferno Dragon, Lumberjack, Balloon, Elite Barbarians, Mortar Mirrors and Wizards.

Supercell has teased fans with trailers of the upcoming update. Leaks have also revealed a new Jungle Arena look with outstanding graphics. Here, players can also receive 2,600 trophies. The three units teased in the upcoming “Clash Royale” update are Axe Man, Blowdart Goblins and Battle Ram. The Axe Man is an epic card and can inflict heavy damage even from a distance.

Blowdart Goblins inflicts damage real fast and Battle Ram is a combination of the Prince and Sparky. The Jungle Arena’s texture is simply mind-blowing with it having every jungle element as well as some Aztec Towers. The Legendary Arena will soon follow. This means players will have to wait for some time to get the new cards. The upcoming “Clash Royale” update will also have four new cards.

Supercell may release one card every two weeks and “Clash Royale” players will be getting the Goblin Gang and the Dart Goblin along with two other cards. For the full list of items coming in the next “Clash Royale” update, click here. Epic Cards with Epic Chests and Epic Sunday will also be added soon. A new leak, shared by Redditor Zjjc123, has revealed the upcoming units.