Coke Esports
Coke Esports's Clash Royale free weekly tournament. Coke Esports

Coke Esports hosts weekly “Clash Royale” tournaments for free. The top prize for the tournament being held is 400 Cards and 2,800 Gold. Each tournament has a preparation time of at least one hour and also lasts for an hour. The password for the tournament can be found in their Twitter account.

“Clash Royale” players know how important it is to join tournaments. It can help test new decks or it can help gain more cards. However, most of the time these tournaments have passwords. This does not exclude Coke Esports’ weekly tournament. On the bright side, the password is shared on their Twitter account without having to go through unnecessary steps. This is due to the fact that there are many free tournaments posted but it comes with a condition. This includes signing up for a telegram account or even following someone’s YouTube channel.

In Coke Esport’s case, they simply just send out free weekly tournaments in “Clash Royale.” It seems that there is no hidden agenda except for the Coca-Cola advertising. On top of this, they also release a schedule the week before. For instance, the next tournament will be held on Tuesday, March 7. However, it will be on at around 10 a.m. EST which would be around 2 a.m. AEST. (See tweet below.)

The last tournament Coke Esports had almost 200 players join in. Most of the tournaments held by them allowed the maximum 200 players. However, they also hold a 1,000 player tournament which mean bigger prizes. It is unknown when they will release another 1,000 player tournament, but they released the first one on Feb. 7.

In order to join the free weekly tournament, players can go to the Tournaments tab > Custom > Type in @CokeEsports > Type in the password TasteTheFeeling. Through perusing the Twitter page, the password is more or less the same with every tournament. However, it is best to keep updated using their Twitter page @CokeEsports.

Knowing the proper time and date will help players join the weekly tournament in time. Usually, tournaments fill up very quickly. This is very true for tournaments with big prizes like 400 cards and 2,800 gold. However, if done correctly and in time, players will be able to join the tournament in no time. If there are players looking in to find more tournaments while waiting for Coke Esports’ weekly tournament, it is best to search for the word “free” when searching for tournaments to join in the game. There is a higher chance that a tournament is open and ready to be joined.