'Castle Rock'
'Castle Rock' series screenshot from the official trailer. YouTube/Bad Robot Productions

Horror series enthusiasts have something good to look forward to as king of horror Stephen King is bound to make a new set of stories to keep them jumping off their seats. The “Castle Rock” series will once again bring back fear and suspense onto television screens.

“Castle Rock” has recently been confirmed by the 2017 Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) winner, Hulu advertising. This confirmation was made through a short teaser video of the upcoming series that can be found on Hulu’s official website.

Apart from having the award-winning advertising group working on the project, the series will be spearheaded by American film writer, screenwriter and producer Jeffrey Jacob “JJ” Abrams. But what excites most of horror fans is the fact that Abrams and Hulu advertising will be teaming up with the master of horror stories, Stephen King. The latest trailer has also shown several novel titles of King’s wide array of horror stories that will be included in the series.

Six possible novels in the upcoming series

The first title is “Salem’s Lot,” which was released way back in 1975. This was the writer’s second story to ever be published. The original story revolves around writer Ben Mears, who returns to his hometown in Jerusalem's Lot (or Salem's Lot for short) in Maine. Mears lived in Salem’s Lot from the age of nine through thirteen. Upon returning, he discovers that the residents are becoming vampires.

The second title that was revealed from the trailer was “Needful Things,” which was first published in 1991. Originally, the cover of the novel stated that it was "The Last Castle Rock" story. The novel’s main story plot is about a new thrift-shop-like store that was recently opened in Castle Rock. The proprietor of the shop sells one-of-a-kind items at a very low price to locals in the area. But the catch is that these buyers need to play a prank against another person that they have a grudge on.

“Shawshank State Prison” was the third title to be revealed in the trailer. This particular prison is probably one of the most used location that was mentioned in several other novels of King. Some of these novels include “Needful Things” and “The Fifth Quarter.”

Apart from the titles, the video also mentioned several character names that have been in one of the Stephen King novels. The first name is Annie Wilkes who was originally introduced in the 1987 novel entitled “Misery.” Annie Marie Wilkes Dungan was the main antagonist of the story. Annie is a severely demented and obsessive nurse, who is a self-proclaimed biggest fan of her favorite author, Paul Sheldon. She forces Sheldon to make several sequels of his novels before she kills him.

Pennywise was also mentioned in the video. Pennywise, also known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown is the main antagonist of the 1986 horror novel “It.” Pennywise’ description is a mysterious entity with no actual form. The character shapeshifts itself into anything that gives fear to its victims, usually in the form of a middle-aged man in a clown costume. Pennywise reappears every three decades to prey on innocent children.

Finally, there is the innocent-looking Danny Torrance from the 1977 novel “The Shining.” Daniel Anthony “Danny” Torrance has the ability to use his psychic powers with his own free will. His story tackles on his fear of parental abandonment and of it possibly happening to him.

These are just some of the novels that will have their debut on the “Castle Rock ” series. As of the moment, there is still no news as to when the show would be released or who would be directing it.