“The Block 2015,” Season 11 is over, but its siren and former penthouse model Suzi Taylor refuses to stop making headlines. The high-intensity drama surrounding the Gold Coast contestant continues; the latest update being Channel 9 has threatened to strip Taylor of her “The Block” winnings of nearly $175,000 for alleged breach of contract with Nine Network.

Here is a recap of the events that have led to the “threatening.” She first made news after collapsing on set. A lot of questions were then raised on the safety and health of participants in reality shows who are subject to intense conditions. However, just days after her hospital visit, it was revealed that she collapsed because of exhaustion caused by her own wild-partying ways. Her nude photos of dancing on a boat in various stages of undress surfaced and caused outrage.

Taylor’s fellow partner Vonni Cosier, an ex-friend, slowly distanced herself because of her attention-seeking, flirtatious and wild-partying ways. Channel 9 soon scaled back all of Taylor’s promotional commitments till the auction concluded. This was followed by the news of her breakup with show producer Tim Wise. They were in a relationship for five years. When everybody thought the Penthouse Pet has gone cold, she revealed her intense affair with late INXS rocker Michael Hutchence and also revealed his death to be accidental and not suicide.

Now, Taylor may have to part with her prize money as she apparently gave a number of media interviews without the consent of Nine Network, reports Women’s Weekly.

“Suzi has broken her contract by talking to the media. We have told her the terms of her contract many times,” a Nine Network spokesperson said.

According to Herald Sun, the mother-of-three has packed her bags and is leaving Gold Coast to start a new life. Last month, rumours of her alleged romance with “The Today Show” favourite Richard Wilkins was much talked about. However, the two have denied all dating claims.

Taylor said that she is hoping for a more peaceful life leaving behind her wild past. She is all set to make a career in radio or television in Brisbane.

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