“The Block” siren Suzi Taylor has confessed about her steamy romance with late INXS rocker Michael Hutchence. She also revealed that the lead singer did not commit suicide but died of autoerotic asphyxiation, a sexual misadventure.

Taylor, who recently broke up with producer Tim Wise after a five year relationship, shared a whopping $349,000 “The Block” profit with building partner Vonni Cosier last week.

“It was definitely not suicide, Michael would never do that. Especially with Tiger-Lily, he would have never left this planet deliberately. He wasn’t ready to go, he was embarking on a new tour,” Taylor said, reports News.com.au.

She added Hutchence’s death was completely an accident where heavy usage of alcohol and drugs were involved. Taylor agreed with the singer’s late partner Paula Yates that it was an accident and refused to divulge much on the singer’s extreme sexual practise, though she was aware of it. In 1997, Hutchence was found dead with a belt wrapped around his neck and tied to his hotel room’s door.

Hutchence, who would have turned 55 this year, tracked down the now 44-year-old Taylor after seeing her as Penthouse Pet of the Year in the year 1991.

“He’d seen me in Penthouse. He told me that he went to a studio in Sydney and my magazine was on one of the coffee tables so he’d checked me out,” Taylor said.

According to Women’s Weekly, Taylor received a phone call asking for her number as someone from INXS wanted to meet her. Previously she went to a party where the two made eye contact. However, Taylor admitted that it was not just a one-night-stand and that she would keep meeting him up in Sydney or Gold Coast for a while. Every time she heard from Hutchence, Taylor had a "big smile on her face."

She continued saying that the rock star was fun to be around and very generous. Although generally shy and self-conscious, he would come out of his shell on stage. As per the Penthouse Pet, Hutchence “was the quintessential rock star” who “oozed charisma.”

Taylor is now focusing majorly on her band Juce that she put on hold during filming of “The Block.” She co-writes the band’s material with music partner Roberto Merlini. According to Juce’s Facebook account, the band draws heavily from INXS and has even recorded a cover of “Beautiful Girl.” She hopes that her success on Channel 9 will help in promoting her music.

Watch Suzi Taylor in Juce.

Source: YouTube/ jucemusic

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