The Blacklist
"The Blacklist" is a crime thriller from US network NBC. The Blacklist/Facebook

NBC hit drama “The Blacklist” season 4 episode 20 “The Debt Collector” aired on Thursday in the US. The episode kept every glued to their seats till the end.

According to the NBC synopsis, “Liz becomes the target of a mercenary known as the Debt Collector, so Red (James Spader) turns to an unlikely source for help. Meanwhile, Ressler faces an unexpected complication in his efforts to stay ahead of Agent Gale’s investigation.”

The episode kicked off with a group of people enjoying a party on the sea shore while a couple was shown having sex in a car. After their act, the boy remained in the car and was drugged by an unknown man, while the girl we bntack to the beach party. Meanwhile, the boy was taken away by the man, who put him into a barrel and told him he was paying up for selling drugs to a girl who took them in excess. The unknown man then stashed away the barrel into the ocean.

The next scene cut to Raymond, who was seen sitting at Balder’s house and asking him to help him get back to the US. Balder refused at first but then decided to put him in a ship for travelling to America. Raymond was then shown calling Elizabeth to warn her about the danger she would face from the “debt collector.” He believed that Elizabeth should be safe with Cooper since the “debt collector” could come any time to harm her as his sources told him she was the next on his list. Cooper, in turn, chalked out a 24X7 security plan to protect Elizabeth.

Raymond became aware of the barrel with the dead body of the boy, who was killed by a strange man earlier. He called Kate and asked for her help to examine the body for clues. He hoped to find the person responsible for the death of the unknown boy. He felt the identity and cause of the death would help save Elizabeth from the “debt collector.”

Kate kept her conditions to examine the body, which she would only do if Raymond promised her that she wouldn't face any arrest. However, there was a catch after they agreed to Kate's conditions. Kate got to know about the killer “debt collector” and told the team that it was none other than Edgar Grant. The team wasted no time in reaching his house, where they find that he kept some or the other things from the people he killed.

However, it's too late as the “debt collector” was already on his way to kill Elizabeth. Grant took her away after which Cooper called Raymond and shared the news. Everyone left no stone unturned to search for Elizabeth as she had less time to live. Meanwhile, Elizabeth was in a moving van with Grant, warning him that if he hurt her, he would be in trouble from FBI. Grant wouldn't kill her, though, as he had instructions from Tyson Pryor to keep her alive.

In another scene, FBI found information related to Pryor in Grant's house and found out that he was serving a life sentence following his arrest by Elizabeth. He got freed from jail just two weeks ago because he had cancer. His cancer was in the last stage and he was actually living in a hospice care in Baltimore.

Raymond sought Kate's help in finding Elizabeth. Meanwhile, FBI is able to trace Pryor and confront him on Elizabeth's kidnapping. He denied any such thing. In another scene, Kate was able to know Grant's whereabouts, calling Raymond to tell him that she could reach the place before FBI.

In the following scene, Raymond, Grant and Elizabeth came face to face. It turned out it was a plan to let Raymond meet Kate. He used Kate's love for Elizabeth to meet her face to face. Raymond took Grant's life and waited for Kate. As Kate approaches the two, Elizabeth warned her that it was a ploy to trap her. Kate again left the scene.

The next episode of “The Blacklist” is titled “Mr Kaplan.” Australian viewers can see the show on Seven on Sunday.