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Cast members (front L-R) Diego Klattenhoff, James Spader, Megan Boone and (rear L-R) Ryan Eggold and Harry Lennix participate in a panel for "The Blacklist" during the NBC sessions at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills, California July 27, 2013. REUTERS/Phil McCarten

NBC's hit series “The Blacklist” released episode “Dr. Bogdan Krilov” on Thursday, keeping viewers glued to their seats. “Red (James Spader) assigns the task force to trail a Blacklister who can manipulate memories and Liz questions her own experiences,” says the synopsis by NBC. Let's find out what transpired in episode 19 of season 4.

It starts with Raymond Reddington distracting the FBI with another Blacklister - typical Red move. He then asks them to look out for the “dangerous” Bogdan Krilov, a villain who can influence people’s memories. But viewers are told that Kaplan has hired Krilov to steal the memories of Dr. Selma Orchard. The damage has already been done. Krilov steals her memory despite Elizabeth and the FBI's effort to stop him.

Orchard is the same therapist who tried to help Elizabeth retrieve her memory of her parents' death. It may be possible that Krilov may have been hired by Kaplan to get data in Elizabeth's mind.

In another scene, Red rides a train when Dembe arrives with a gun in his hand, showing him one of the men in charge of the moving vehicle. At first, Red is confused seeing Dembe's gun, until he is shown Kaplan’s picture. Dembe demands she be brought to him, else he would rob everyone on the train.

It turns out that Kaplan is indeed on the train under the name Susan. The information is given too late to Red. When he rushes to chase Kaplan, she is already gone. Both Red and Dembe get off the train, with the former finding out that Kaplan is headed to Lucerne. Red later discovers from Gale that Hans is the reason Kaplan went there.

Kaplan is next seen in the house of Werner, Hans' father. It is revealed that Werner and Red set up the false kidnapping of Hans, which led to the accidental death due to suffocation. The incident took place 25 years ago, but Red still calls the death his “most profound regrets.”

In another scene, Ressler is shown engrossed in solving Reven Wright’s murder. There is a ray of hope when he gets hold of a witness named Linda. But before she can reveal any information regarding the murder, she is attacked in her own house while being questioned. Ressler escapes Linda's house after Hitchin comes to pick him up. She tells him to let go of the Reven Wright case.

Viewers become aware that all is not what it appears to be. Krilov has actually influenced Ressler's memories to let him go after Hitchin. As he gets out of Hitchin's car, he drops his cell phone on purpose. Meanwhile, Kaplan decides to destroy Elizabeth and her team after they choose to be on Red's side.

Another scene shows Aram successfully tracking down the equipment Krilov took away from Orchard. Though he manages to get the signal and track down the patient, it is too late; the patient is already dead. They later find the truth about Ressler's memories after Krilov confesses. Elizabeth rushes to save Ressler from doing something regrettable to Hitchin.

The scene at Werner’s house shows Red and Dembe arriving with the presence of Kaplan and security. Red meets Werner in an emotional reunion but ends up killing Werner. Red and Dembe run out in the forest.

Meanwhile, Ressler is arrested after Elizabeth convinces him that he was drugged and he should not harm Hitchin. Elizabeth's aim now is to clear Ressler's name using any information she can get from Krilov. However, she is shocked after hearing another truth.

Krilov tells Elizabeth that Red hired him to erase some of her memories, too. She tries to confirm from Red on the phone but he denies such thing. The episode concludes with Elizabeth meeting Agent Gale in an abandoned ice rink, where he is standing among 80 dead bodies, all of whom are Red's victims. They blame each other for their actions. Gale asks Elizabeth to seek forgiveness from the dead bodies since she is helping the victim evade the law.

The next episode of “The Blacklist” is titled “The Debt Collector,” which will air on NBC on Thursday, May 11. Australian viewersrs can see the show on Seven Network. According to the synopsis provided by NBC, “Red turns to an unlikely source for help when a mercenary known as the Debt Collector goes after Liz; Ressler faces an unexpected problem while trying to stay ahead of Agent Gale's investigation.”