'Beverly Hills Lizard People'
Concept art of 'Beverly Hills Lizard People.' Cthulhu Crush Productions hub

Jody Wheeler and Steve Parker, heads of the Cthulhu Crush Productions hub, are preparing to film their version of the story about lizard people who live underground. In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, Australia - the filmmakers shared their insights about the infamous story and their vision.

This is based on a true story, right?

A few of them, actually. It’s estimated that something like 15 million people believe shape shifting lizard people currently rule the world. Fascinating in its own right, until you discover that the entire city of Los Angeles was convinced there was an ancient lizard city existing underground…in 1934! People were drilling, excavating and exploring, trying to find a way in to the lizard city and the gold they stashed in there. Pretty amazing.

How much research have you done into all this?

Just enough to set up the premise. We’ve updated the story a bit to modern times, and have incorporated a few of our own elements into this. It’s such a wonderful backdrop for telling stories!

Have there been any other films or series that have touched upon the subject?

Lizard people pop up in horror or SF stories from time to time. But outside of something like V, where the invading aliens are secretly lizards in human skin suits, there haven’t been many consistent takes on the subject.

What will the tone of the film be?

We’re aiming for some terror and some laughs. A sense of paranoia and the hero challenging overwhelming odds. If we can make people laugh and jump, we’ll have done our job.

Is this your first foray into horror/sci-fi?

No. I’ve made a few horror and sci-fi shorts, written a sci-fi feature that was made a few years ago, directed another thriller, and produced a magical realist movie. I really love these kind of stories. And this was just too great an idea not to pass up doing.

When do you think we might see the movie?

We’re currently on track to shoot in 2017. Depending on how we’ll do, we’ll either be out in 2017 or early 2018. That sounds like a long way away, but it’s actually not!