Better Call Saul
"Better Call Saul" season 3 will premiere US network AMC on April 10. Facebook/Better Call Saul

Jimmy’s (Bob Odenkirk) transition is nearly complete, making “Better Call Saul” season 4 the most anticipated season of the show. With the timeline of the spin-off series catching up with the main “Breaking Bad” series, it is possible for more characters to crossover. Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) is one cast member from the main series who is ready to reprise his role.

In a recent interview with DigitalSpy, Paul spoke about his “Breaking Bad” character. When asked about where Jesse Pinkman would be after the events of the show, the actor said that he’d like to think that his character is living peacefully somewhere in New Zealand or Canada, busy making things with his hands.

While Paul may wish for some peace for his character, especially with all the things that Jesse has been through on the show, the reality may be very different. The actor pointed out that Jesse’s fingerprints are all over the massacre on the show, which puts a target on his back.

Jesse is probably being hunted for those deaths, Paul reckoned. While “Breaking Bad” has ended, there is still a chance to see Jesse again in the “Better Call Saul” series.

The spin-off series is set in the past and it shows the transition of Jimmy into Saul. However, there are glimpses of what the character is doing in the future. This leaves some room for other big characters from “Breaking Bad,” like Jesse, to be featured on the show.

Paul said that he is ready for any form of return, and has left the decision to show creator Vince Gilligan, who he trusts completely.

“Anything that [creator] Vince Gilligan asks of any of us, we would just happily say yes, really no matter what it was. Just because we have such faith in him, we know he will steer us,” Paul said.