Johnny English
Poster of "Johnny English Strikes Again" movie. Johnny English/Facebook

Rowan Atkinson has made Aussies laugh with his performance in the film “Johnny English Strikes Again,” which was released last month. However, this is a subject of conversation in the US this week, as it was released there very recently. In a recent interview, Atkinson spoke about the film and some of the stunts featured in it.

Atkinson is not only a talented actor, but also passionate about all his projects. In a recent interview with Collider, the actor revealed that he gets to choose the cars in his movies and he also gets to co-write some of the car chases. He described himself as a car man, and added that the most fun thing for him to do in a film is drive.

Filmmaking is a hard job, Atkinson explained. But he gets to relax every time he is behind the wheel of a car. There are a few times that Atkinson gets behind the wheel in “Johnny English Strikes Again,” which was an enjoyable moment for the actor, but not his co-star Ben Miller (Bough).

Miller told his co-star much later that he was scared every time Atkinson was driving while he was in the passenger seat. Miller didn’t say anything at the time of the filming, and Atkinson said that he feels guilty about it now.

There were quite a few times that Atkinson himself was uncomfortable. The hardest thing for him was to film scenes with a suit of armour. The costume that the actor wore on the set was made of plastic, even though it was made to look like it was cast in iron. Still, it was heavy and uncomfortable, and the actor apparently had to do a lot of scenes in this costume.

The other challenging part of the film was the dancing sequence. Atkinson said that he didn’t want to do multiple takes of this sequence, and limited it to two or three.