The best sleeping positions will eliminate several strains and common body problems. Practice assuming these positions while you sleep. You may use a pillow or blanket to train your body to stay consistent throughout the night for a pain-free body.

1. Sleep on your side

Mayo Clinic reported that sleeping on your side will remove the strain from your back and spine, as compared to sleeping in a supine position. Your heart is also triggered to beat consistently, thereby improving circulation throughout your body through the night. Pregnant women are advised to sleep on their left side to improve blood circulation to the growing fetus.

2. Sleep on your back

A supine position is also recommended by many doctors because it keeps your head, neck and spine aligned. Your body maintains a neutral position, thereby eliminating added pressure or curves on your back. To add comfort and improve blood circulation, place a pillow under your knees and hamstrings. This will relax your legs and soothe your back and lower body.

3. Starfish

The starfish is one of the best sleeping positions to fix common body problems. The position is done by laying on your back with your legs spread out just beyond shoulder-width apart and your arms up and bent at a 90-degree angle at the elbows. Collective-evolution reported that the position can prevent facial wrinkles and acne. The position is also relaxing on the legs. You might need to put a pillow behind your head to rest your neck, shoulders and arms better.

4. Pillow support

Using a pillow will help you assume a normal sleeping position that reduces strain on your legs, back and neck. Ideally, one pillow should be placed behind your head for cushioning and to prevent neck strain. A second one will help especially if you sleep on your side so that your legs and arms are placed in a more natural and comfortable position. A second pillow can also be placed under your legs or lower back to reduce pain and improve blood circulation.

Try these best sleeping positions to fix common body problems and get rid of strains and pain for life.

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