Beheaded Woman in Viral Video on Facebook 'Unknown,' Authorities Not Investigating (VIDEO)

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(Source: YouTube/JakabBigShow

A beheading video of an unknown woman in Mexico has caused global outrage in October when Facebook refused to remove the footage from the social network.

Hundreds of reports were made about the events that took place in the video but no one has come close to identifying the beheaded victim.

In the grainy video, a woman in jeans and a pink top can be seen on her knees before a man wearing a mask. He was holding a knife on his hands and said in a gruff voice, "Well, gentleman, this is what happens to all those in the Gulf Cartel. On behalf of Los Zetas."

The next 40 seconds of the video proved to be gruesome with the man committing cold-blooded murder. The horrific video caused an international uproar when Facebook refused to remove it from its site citing freedom of expression.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said the posting of the video beheading a woman was "irresponsible" and questioned Facebook's policy in allowing such videos to be uploaded and viewed by users. Shortly after a debate, Facebook reversed its decision and removed the video from its site.

Despite the removal of the video, reports said it is easy to search for videos of "narco-killings" similar to the one posted in Facebook.

The victim's face was clearly seen on the viral video. Someone from Mexico could have spotted the woman and identified her as a friend or a family member. According to BBC, Mexico has not launched any investigation to determine the woman's identity or find her killers.

Dr. George Grayson, an expert on Los Zetas and author of a book about crime organization, The Executioner's Men, said the right place to start an investigation would be the municipal police. According to Grayson, many police officers may be working for the drug cartel at night even though they act as police officers during the day.

He added Los Zetas and their rivals use their power to strike fear among the people. Heinous crimes remain unreported because many people are afraid to report what they have seen. He noted state authorities may be involved with rampant cartels and corruption.

The beheaded woman in the video continues to be known as a "Jane Doe" for no one has come out with information about her identity. She may be one of the many before her who suffered the same fate in front of a camera.

As for the location of the video, it was difficult to pinpoint the exact spot the woman was killed. Although it was clear it was in Mexico, it could have happened anywhere in the country where there were drugs involved.

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