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Australia's Perth Still Locked in Dry Spell, Sizzling Heat; Darker Arctic May Speed Up Global Warming

Australia's Perth is expected to experience more days and nights of scorching heat as the second longest dry spell continues. Weather reports predict temperatures as high as 37C will be reached in Perth. The Australian city is already feeling the heat as the dry spell drags and expected to peak again in February 23, Sunday. Records in Perth revealed that the city had only 0.2mm of rainfall. The current dry spell in Perth reached another new record as Feb 19 marked the third longest stretch wi...

Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom to Appeal Court Ruling on Raid in New Zealand Mansion

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom will appeal the verdict that the raid by authorities in his home in New Zealand was legal. Mr Dotcom has been fighting his extradition to the United States on charges of Internet piracy. He said he will file for a court appeal questioning the legality of the raid. Mr Dotcom again used his Twitter handle to announce he will not give up the fight against his extradition.

Air New Zealand Scores the Highest in British Mag's Satisfaction Ratings

Air New Zealand has topped a survey of the largest British consumer magazine. According to reports, "Which?" magazine asked 12,000 people through a survey of their airline experiences. The survey revealed that Air New Zealand along with Singapore Airlines had topped the list with a passenger satisfaction rating of 87 per cent.

Western Australia Shark Cull Policy Caught 66 Sharks, Killed 17; Zero Great Whites

Since Western Australia has introduced its shark cull policy and set up baited drum lines off the coasts of its popular beaches, a total of 66 sharks were captured, but no great white shark was caught. According to Fisheries Minister Ken Baston, 63 tiger sharks were caught on the drum lines which made the shark species account for 95 per cent of the total catch.

New Zealand Economy on Verge of Collapse? London-Based Analysts Likens Country to Ireland

Analysts based in London have likened New Zealand to Ireland in its state of pre-global financial crisis with an economy on the brink of collapse. In a Bloomberg report, SLJ Macro Partners Stephen Jen and colleague Faith Yimazn said it was only a matter of time before the New Zealand dollar will decline. Both analysts remarked that the reality is "quite different" despite the Kiwi dollar's strong performance as of late.

Shark Cull: Wearing Bold, Striped Wetsuits to Repel Sharks Better Than Baited Drumlines

Australian scientists believe that wearing striped wetsuits is better than baited drum lines in reducing shark attacks in Western Australia. Researchers from Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) together with the University of Australia, has developed a wetsuit designed with to repel sharks.The recommendation to wear striped wetsuits to deter shark attacks came after the controversial shark cull policy in Western Australia which remains in the international spotlight.

Do You Have the 'Gay Gene'? Chicago Scientists Discover Genetic Link to Homosexuality

Scientists have discovered two DNA stretches linked to homosexuality in men. The confirmation of a "gay gene" is expected to support the argument that homosexuality is biological and not by environmental influences. The results of the controversial study by researchers from the Chicago University could also pave the way for discrimination against homosexuals. Insurance companies could require genetic tests to determine if their clients are gay. Genetic tests could also be used by pregnant ...

New Zealand Quakes Possible Cause of Orca Whales' Stranding Leading to Mysterious Deaths

Marine biologists are baffled by the mysterious deaths of nine orca whales stranded on New Zealand's Southland beach on Feb 12. New Zealand experts continue to investigate and conduct scientific testing to determine the cause.Nine orca whales including a calf had died while beached on Te WaeWae Bay overnight. The deaths of the orca whales were described as a tragedy for the entire species in New Zealand. According to reports, the population of orca whales in New Zealand waters is estima.....

Recession Feared With Death of Australia's Car Industry; Unemployment Rate Climbs to 10-Year High

Australia's once-booming car manufacturing industry is now dead with the final blow delivered by Japanese car maker Toyota when it announced it will pull out of the country in 2017. In May 2013, Ford Motors said it would stop manufacturing cars in Australia. In December, Holden by General Motors followed suit. Toyota has sealed the fate of Australia's car industry by closing its assembly plants by the end of 2017. The last announcement has triggered fears of recession in Australia.

Valentine's Day Gloom: Australian Women Running Out of Men, Cheap Imported Flowers Threat to Kiwi Rose Growers

New Zealand flower growers may possibly have a gloomy Valentine's Day as reports claim they are urging customers to check where the roses they buy come from. According to Bloomberg, local rose growers said cheap imported flowers could expose the country to biosecurity risk and drive prices of local flowers down. Meanwhile, Australia may be experiencing a man drought. According to McCrindle Research, six out of eight states and territories in Australia are currently experiencing a dwindling ma...

Australian Dad Arrested for Consenting to Marriage of 12-Year-Old Girl; Child Marriages in NSW Discovered

Following the arrest of the Islamic religious leader who was charged for solemnizing the marriage between a 26-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl in Australia, police arrested the girl's father on Feb 12 for his involvement on the case. Child abuse detectives in NSW charged the 61-year-old Australian from Hunter Valley for being an accessory to the crime of having sex with a child and consenting to underage marriage.

British Study Disproves Myth of Cellphones Causing Cancer

The popular belief that frequent cellphone use can cause cancer has been proven false. According to a British comprehensive study, cellphones do not increase the risk of leukemia or cancer. Society has a long-time fear of radiofrequency fields from mobile phones and towers due to the belief that they can cause the growth of brain tumours and increase the risk of cancer. The UK study dispels that myth and confirms the international consensus.