Alex Nation and Richie Strahan
"The Bachelor" Australia 2016 star Richie Strahan poses for a photo with his girlfriend Alex Nation. Instagram/richie_strahan

Despite the slew of controversies thrown in their way, “The Bachelor” Australia 2016 star Richie Strahan and his chosen one, Alex Nation appear to be having the time of their life.

It seems that the couple’s relationship is going strong, not even ex-girlfriends can stand in their way. Earlier this week, Richie and Alex were seen having a friendly group date with former contestant Keira Maguire, as well as contestants from the previous seasons of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.”

Dave Billsborrow, who appeared in the “The Bachelorette” edition featuring Sam Frost, took to Instagram to share a photo of himself with Richie, Alex, Keira, as well as Davey Lloyd and Heather Maltman. Richie and Davey were on the same season with Dave, while Heather was a former contestant in “The Bachelor” season 3 starring Sam Wood. Dave captioned the image of what looked like a triple date, “Walking through #melbourne and happened to bump into these weirdos.”


Walking through #melbourne and happened to bump into these weirdos.

A photo posted by Dave Billsborrow (@dave_billsborrow) on

Reports claimed that Alex also posted a photo of the group but deleted it after. This is not the first time that former contestants of the hit “Bachelor” franchise have gone out together for group dates and mini-reunions. Most of them have stayed friends, despite the awkward rejections seen in the reality show. For instance, fans would remember that Keira was sent packing unceremoniously after she took control of a yoga date with Richie.

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In the shocking and dramatic finale of “The Bachelor’ Australia 2016 last month, Richie chose single mum Alex over fan favourite Nikki Gogan. While his unpopular decision earned the ire of the reality show’s fans, it’s apparent that he’s not regretting his choice. Richie took to Instagram to express his thoughts about his lady love. “I found her, my love, my co-pilot, my partner in crime, my everything,” he wrote. “I followed my heart and I've never been this happy. Alex to me you're perfect, you're everything I could of ever wished for. You make me the happiest guy in the world, I love you.”