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Harmonix, the innovator of rhythm games like "Rock Band" and the first two "Guitar Hero," games has announced that their remake of "Amplitude" will be delayed for a few months via Polygon. The company stated that the delay is due to the company's inexperience with the PlayStation 4's technology and reassured fans that the game should be out by summer time.

"This is our first time working on PlayStation 4, and it's been a big learning experience for the team," said a representative of Harmonix. The game is a Sony exclusive and will also be hitting the PlayStation 3 along with the PlayStation 4. A report from Arcade Sushi confirms that they would rather delay the game and fix its bugs rather than rush it to a negative reaction.

The approach looks to be one many developers have taken ever since "Assassin's Creed: Unity" debuted to a mixed reception. It seemed like the game was rushed out in time for its scheduled release. In return, it looks like many a developer took this to heart and decided to examine their games much more carefully.

"Witcher 3," for example, was delayed a second time so that the developers would have more time to sort out the bugs and make a better game. The move was praised and covered extensively by Forbes who compared and contrasted "Assassin's Creed: Unity" with "The Witcher 3."

A cult classic when it first came out in 2003, "Amplitude" was a game that mixed rhythm-based gameplay with space shooters in ways that were considered unthinkable. At the time of the original game's release rhythm games had not become as popular as they would eventually become and the game suffered from low sales. Now, thanks to games like "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band," the genre was brought back to prominence and has become more popular than ever.

The remake is a result of a successful kickstarter campaign; one that has been the deciding factor of many games getting green lit these days like Tim Scahefer's "Broken Age." "Amplitude" was announced as a kickstarter project back in may and has since made over $800,000 for costs and expenses.

Amplitude on PS4 Is Weird, Rewarding, and Very Familiar (Credits: Youtube/IGN)

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