'The Amazing Race' Season 28 Update: Get to know more about the 7 remaining teams

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Phil Keoghan poses with his Outstanding Reality-Competition Program award for the CBS show "The Amazing Race" at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California August 25, 2014.
Phil Keoghan poses with his Outstanding Reality-Competition Program award for the CBS show "The Amazing Race" at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California August 25, 2014. Reuters/Mike Blake

Similar to previous installments, the 28th season of the highly successful reality series “The Amazing Race” (“TAR”) has delivered episodes filled with adrenaline, action and drama. After enduring five legs and crisscrossing across continents, seven teams now remain to battle it out for the coveted $1,000,000 prize.

On Leg 5, YouTubers and best friends Erin Robinson and Joslyn Davis were the last team to arrive at the pit top near the statue of Michel-Gabriel Paccard on Place Balmat. The two were the ones sent home before “TAR” took a brief hiatus.

Prior to the show’s return on April 1, it’s time to find out more about the “The Amazing Race” Season 28 cast members.

Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl YouTubers and friends Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl  Instagram/tyleroakley
Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl
Tyler, 26, and 30-year-old Korey both hail from Michigan. They host a podcast titled, “Psychobabble,” and are both active in various digital platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Tyler, who has a total of 21.5 million followers, describe his work as “professional oversharer on the Internet.” When asked what excites him most about traveling, he replied, “Experiencing new cultures and challenging myself to get outside of my comfort zone.” His best friend, Korey, meanwhile, admits to be an avid follower of “TAR.” He said, “As a super fan of the show I just want to prove that I can run the race and run it well.” Tyler and Korey have consistently been on the first or second place at the mat from the first leg.

Brodie Smith and Kurt Gibson YouTuber and professional frisbee players Brodie Smith and Kurt Gibson  Instagram/brodiesmith21
Brodie Smith and teammate Kurt Gibson
Brodie, 28, is from Florida while Kurt, 30 lives in Connecticut. These two best friends and are Ultimate Frisbee players. Kurt, who works as national account sales manager at PepsiCo, describes himself as Christian, honest and forgiving. A cancer survivor, he says that the accomplishment he’s most proud of is “kicking cancer in the butt.” Brodie, for his part, seems to be a perfect fit for the various adventures and surprises of “The Amazing Race.” Known by fans as a fearless competitor, he shares that his biggest fear is merely “not having enough leg room on the flight.”  This sporty duo has arrived at the pit stop for two consecutive times at legs 3 and 4.

Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina Engaged YouTubers and dancers/choreographers Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina  Instagram/mattsteffanina
Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina
New Yorker Dana, 29, is engaged to Matt, 30, from Virginia. Both are professional dancers and choreographers, and Matt is also a YouTuber. When asked what she hopes to accomplish after “The Amazing Race,” she said, “I hope that Matt and I can learn to work together better and really prove what an incredible team we can be together. I also have a major issue letting go of control, so I hope that being out of my comfort zone while racing will help me to get over that and be more comfortable to not be in control of every situation.” Their relationship also seems to be in Matt’s mind, as he replied, “Learning to communicate better under pressure with my partner.”

Blair Fowler YouTube beauty guru Blair Fowler is racing with her father Scott Fowler  Instagram/missblairfowler
Blair Fowler and Scott Fowler
Blair, is a 22-year-old YouTuber is racing with her dad, Scott, 58. The Tennessee online beauty guru has accumulated 3.47 million followers, while Scott is the president and CEO of a large multi-specialty medical group. Considering his age, Scott fears that the biggest challenge he’d face in the race is physical and mental fatigue. While Blair is scared to let her father down, she said she looks forward to spend time with him. “I'm excited have the experience of traveling around the world together on this once in a lifetime adventure,” she said.

Zach and Rachel King Social media personality Zach King and wife Rachel King  Instagram/zachking
Zach King and Rachel King
Zach, 25, is a social media personality with 19 million followers on Vine, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. He is competing with his 25-year-old wife, Rachel, who is currently self-employed. She works alongside her husband and his team producing online content. When asked which country and place she would most like to visit, she said she wants to travel to New Zealand. “I’ve heard it’s absolutely breathtaking,” she added. Her husband, on the other hand, wants to spend more time in Europe. “I've also never been to Southeast Asia so that would be cool,” he said.

Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins Dating couple and Rooster Teeth hosts Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins  Instagram/jinxcellent
Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins
Burnie, 42, and his girlfriend, 33-year-old Ashley are working with a production company called Roster Teeth, which currently has 18 million followers. The couple, who hails from Texas, hope to overcome their pet peeves about each other during the race. “He's better at just about everything than I am, which would be more annoying if I didn't like him so much,” Ashley said. “Luckily it's us against the world, not us against each other.” Burnie, on the other hand, simply said that what annoys him about Ashley is “being late everywhere we go.”

Cole LaBrant Social media personality Cole LaBrant is racing with his mother Sheri LaBrant  Instagram/thesupercole
Cole LaBrant and Sheri LaBrant
At 19 years old, Cole is already a social media celebrity with 7.5 million followers. He races with his 45-year-old mom, Sheri. The mother-and-son duo seem to be totally in sync, even in their profiles. Apart from the cash prize, both look forward to the lifelong memories they’d from “The Amazing Race.” What excites the two to travel is seeing the world and experiencing other cultures. Meanwhile, what Sheri fears about travelling is plane crash, while Cole is scared about ISIS.

Watch these teams battle it out on the remaining legs of “The Amazing Race” Season 28, hosted by Phil Keoghan. The show, which returns on April 1 with an episode titled “Let The Good Times Roll,” brings the teams to Armenia. “TAR” airs in the US every Friday at 8/7c on CBS. Tune in for more "The Amazing Race" Season 28 spoilers.