Dating news reporters Kelsey and Joey finish first in 'Amazing Race' Season 27

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Joey Buttitta Kelsey Gercken Amazing Race Season 27 winners
"The Amazing Race" Season 27 winners Joey Buttitta and Kelsey Gerckens, who are also reporters at KEYT-TV, enjoy green beer on Saint Patrick's Day. Instagram/kelseygerckens

Dating co-workers Kelsey Gerckens and Joey Buttitta were named winners of the CBS reality show “The Amazing Race” Season 27, taking home the US$1,000,000 (AU$ 1.39 million) prize. 

Twenty-five year old Gerckens and 26-year old Buttitta, who both hail from California, work at the news station KEYT-TV and have been dating for a year. They managed to defeat engaged couple Justin Scheman and Diana Bishop who came in at second place, as well as dating paparazzi Logan Fazio and Chris Gordon who ranked third.

After racing around the world for 12 legs, the three final teams traveled to their final destination, New York City. They were instructed to proceed to the NYC Fire Department Training Facility at Randall Island for the season’s last Roadblock. The challenge made one team member experience being a firefighter for a day, as well as undergo a memory task involving the countries they visited in.

The teams also traveled to The Hamptons aboard a helicopter, rode a jet ski to a lobster boat to replace lobster traps from the water and drove dune buggies to the beach for their next clue. The final challenge was also a memory task, featuring representations of the things they encountered throughout the race. 

Their final clue instructed the teams to travel on foot to 1620 Meadow Lane, where "TAR" host Phil Keoghan was on the mat to welcome them for the final Pit Stop.

Before winning the race, Gerckens and Buttitta came in second for legs seventh to eleventh. Among the finalists, they seemed to be the underdog as Scheman and Bishop finished in first place for seven times, while Fazio and Gordon topped the other teams at the eleventh leg's Pit Stop.

In the team profiles found at the CBS site, Gerckens described herself as an adventure seeker, competitive and over-achiever. On the other hand, Buttitta thinks that travelling is exciting because he gets to see the world, try new foods and explore new things.

When asked about the biggest challenge they would face as a team, Gerckens pointed out her partner’s lack of patience.

“I hope he will learn to listen to me and keep his cool,” Gerckens told CBS.

Buttitta agreed, and mentioned that Gerckens takes a long time to get ready when going out, which ticks him off.

Both seem to be ready to take the next step in their relationship.

“I hope Joey and I will realize if we are meant to be together. We are a great “dating” couple, but is it more than that? Should we get married? I hope we can answer that question as we experience the race together,” Gerckens said in her profile. 

Buttitta, on the other hand, expressed his love for his teammate, and hoped that “The Amazing Race will allow us to experience more amazing times together.”

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