A new research found that 10 percent of men and women who go to the gym more than just build their muscles or tone their bodies. They also orgasm while performing situps and pullups, lifting weights, climbing ropes and running.

Dr Debby Herbenick, Men’s Health sex professor, conducted a research after the magazine received a lot of emails from readers that like a female porn star, featured in a 2006 Men’s Health article, who had an orgasm every time they performed hanging leg raises, they too have the same experience. Since they were all doing core exercises, Herbenick called the phenomenon coregasm, reports the New York Post.

In her book titled “The Coregasm Workout: The Revolutionary Method for Better Sex through Exercise,” Herbenick states that the climax is a result of working the abdominal muscles, not because the undergarments rub against the genitals of the person and cause friction or the gym rat has thoughts about sex. But scientists don’t have a clear explanation why it happens to some people.

The author cites one theory, which is the body movement stimulates part of internal body parts such as nerve pathways that are linked to orgasms. While males who experience it said that the intensity of the ejaculation is higher than when they climax while masturbating, it is lesser than having sex with a partner.

Ironically, they experience a release even without having an erection, but it could be messy on their underwear. To prevent a coregasm, Herbenick recommends the gym goer to stop the exercise if they feel a climax building up.

But for those who want to experience it, the sex professor says one set of crunches is not enough. The person must work his or her muscles to the point of fatigue and keep them going when he or she feels some excitement building up, reports Huffington Post.

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