6 Ethereum Trading Tips Every Beginner Should Learn From Experts

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6 Ethereum Trading Tips Every Beginner Should Learn From Experts
6 Ethereum Trading Tips Every Beginner Should Learn From Experts Pixabay

Whether or not you’re new to the world of cryptocurrency, you’re probably here to learn more about Ethereum. You might find yourself confusing Ethereum with its cryptocurrency ether (ETH). However, Ethereum is actually an operating system run by a community meant to power ETH and other blockchain programs.

In case you’re unaware of what blockchain is or are in need of a refresher, blockchain is a public digital ledger. It’s a ledger of online transactions maintained by a network of individual computers also known as nodes. These nodes are so plentiful that it makes it nearly impossible to alter the blockchain. In fact, despite the high volatility of cryptocurrency, its security has made it very attractive to traders.

Now, to trade crypto you must use a platform. Fortunately, there are numerous platforms on the internet. It’s highly advisable to choose a trusted platform in your country as it makes it more convenient. For example, if you’re from Australia, you can Google ‘ buy ETH Australia’, and numerous platforms will appear.

Finally, in trading any cryptocurrency, it’s important to do your research in both the technical and fundamental aspects of cryptocurrency. It’s also important to gain insight from others that have been trading crypto. As such, here are some tips from knowledgeable traders on trading the crypto Ethereum.

Don’t Trade Beyond Your Means

As it has been established, Ethereum and any other cryptocurrency are volatile. One moment it’s worth USD$1386.02 or AUD$ 1953.59 and the next it’s worth USD$130.70 or AUD$ 184.22. Another factor that could put your money at risk is trading in new and emerging cryptocurrencies serving as ETH’s competitors like Solana. While others have become rich from trading crypto, it’s important to avoid risking any money that you might need. Therefore, it’s advisable to start with smaller amounts of money especially when you’re just getting started.


As with any risky financial venture, you must do research to ensure that your decisions are backed by data. In research, you must take into consideration every factor that might influence the volatile prices of any cryptocurrency including ETH.

Several examples of these factors are competition, trends, regulations, and more. Competition can affect ETH’s prices when traders end up favouring other currencies, decreasing the demand and value of ETH. Meanwhile, trends affecting its popularity can increase the demand for ETH, resulting in an increased price. Finally, varying regulations from other countries can affect an entire nation’s preference for a cryptocurrency, affecting its demand.

While trading Ethereum can always be risky, research will help you manage any risks that come with cryptocurrency trading.

Always Have a Strategy

When it comes to trading with Ethereum or any cryptocurrency, it’s important to always come prepared and think ahead. Preparing for any market crash helps minimize losses. Once again, an added benefit to this is it helps with risk management.

A few other specific strategies used by day traders include arbitrage, scalping, and bot trading. Arbitrage refers to buying crypto in one exchange and profiting by selling it in another exchange for a higher price. Meanwhile, scalping is known for having the fastest turnaround, it involves buying and selling crypto over the course of a few hours. They then cash out the small percentage gains by the end of the day. Finally, bot trading uses software to buy and sell your crypto for you while recognizing patterns for optimized trading.

Do Your Fundamental and Market Analysis

With numerous factors influencing Ethereum’s price, doing your analysis is important before deciding whether you should buy or sell. You can utilize multiple software available to help you predict the cryptocurrency’s price. In doing this, remember that it’s important to consider both technical and fundamental factors. As a result, you’ll be able to make better decisions when trading Ethereum.

Make Sure That Emotions Don’t Influence Your Decisions

With trading in such a volatile market, you can get either overexcited or easily discouraged. On the bright side, Ethereum can be very attractive with its opportunities to buy stocks at a low price and sell them at a higher price. However, the opposite can also happen with its high volatility. Therefore, it’s important to use data for making your next decision instead of your emotions.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Finally, when you’re getting started with trading cryptocurrency you might want to trade in other cryptocurrencies too aside from Ethereum. Know that this is actually fine. In fact, it’s advisable for those trading in the stock market to do this too. After all, this allows you to minimize any losses in case one market crashes.


Trading Ethereum, much like any cryptocurrency, is risky. However, it can also come with very substantial gains if you do it right.

To do so, make sure your decisions are based on research and analysis and not your emotions. Furthermore, remember to only trade money that you can risk losing, for cryptocurrency is very volatile. In addition, its volatility also means that you probably shouldn’t bet on a single currency. Doing all of these tips can result in effective risk management and minimizing your loss.

Now, avoid using this article as your sole guide as there are so much more insights out there. After all, as mentioned, doing proper research is important. Nonetheless, hopefully, this article has given you some valuable insight on trading Ethereum.

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