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Why China can't meet Trump's $200 billion trade demand

President Donald Trump has demanded China cut its trade deficit with the U.S. by US$200 billion by 2020 or face a host of punishing tariffs. After recent talks with the U.S., China agreed to reduce it but wouldn’t commit to a target.

What is the real value of a bitcoin?

One of the hot questions regarding the bitcoin since the first ones were created in January 2009 is its real value. According to Warren Buffett, the answer to this question would be: not much.
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How transshipment may undercut Trump’s tariffs

President Donald Trump is vowing to crack down on deceptive transshipment. That is the practice of moving cargo from one country to another by way of a third nation to evade trade restrictions.

Is mediatech the new fintech?

The mediatech revolution is well underway. It’s in our lounge rooms, bedrooms and on our way to and from work. We’re tuning into Spotify, playing Fortnite and watching Netflix into the wee hours like there’s no tomorrow.