The right time to invest in cannabis

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Two women enter the Trees Station, a medical marijuana dispensary, as others walk past in Toronto, Ontario, Canada May 28, 2018. Picture taken May 28, 2018.
Two women enter the Trees Station, a medical marijuana dispensary, as others walk past in Toronto, Ontario, Canada May 28, 2018. Picture taken May 28, 2018. Reuters/Chris Helgren

Marijuana was a taboo topic in the field of medicine years ago, but a lot has changed since then. Numerous case studies and countless political figures changing their stand on cannabis help the industry get out of its stigma and become the next disruptor in medicine.

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One company that continues to deliver on the promise of disrupting the field of medicine is FloraMeds Holdings Inc. The Canada-based company has done great in the local scene. However, it will soon expand its reach as it has received the licenses to be able to distribute medical cannabis CBD and THC extracts of high grade to the domestic and international markets of Colombia. The company's sales are expected to flourish because of this.

The cannabis industry’s massive growth has also caught the attention of investors. However, until now, a majority of people are still unsure about whether or not cannabis investing will provide them with massive returns.

Just recently, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has set the date of when recreational marijuana will become legal in Canada. With the industry bagging one of its biggest markets to date, people are split about what to think about making investments in cannabis. Some believe that such action is too late at this point considering how the market could be nearing its peak, yet others believe that it is still too early as there are still many who oppose it.

Investopedia’s Todd Harrison argues that both sides are failing to see the bigger picture, which is the fact that marijuana will continue to evolve. In the future, people won’t just smoke cannabis. It will be applied through food, drinks and various other applications. It is expected to be just as flexible as the cannabidiol (CBD) market that is already home to various types of products that many enjoy.

CBD companies have a better reputation compared to marijuana-focused corporations. That’s because they make it a mission to differentiate their products from marijuana strains. The top CBD companies also ensure that no traces of the psychoactive compound, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, is not present in the products.

One CBD company that continues to hit its stride is PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN). It recently announced that it will submit a Form 10 to the Securities and Exchange Commission before June 30. Once filed, POTN will be a fully reporting SEC company, which further increases its credibility and visibility on the financial market. Moreover, the move opens more windows for POTN as it will be accessible to a larger group of qualified investors.

The past year has been great for POTN financially. The company’s revenues for 2017 reached US$14.49 million (AU$19.60 million) and its gross profits were at US$5,180,865 (AU$7,008,700). With the company expecting better gains within the next years, POTN believes that being a fully reporting SEC company is the next big step for them.

The company’s share price managed to stabilise around the US$0.35-US$0.38 (AU$0.47-AU$0.51) line. It’s best to invest in it while prices are still low and the ceiling for growth is still high.

The stock market principle is that it’s hard to predict where a share would be years from now. That goes the same for pot and CBD stocks. However, with a consistent stream of good news coming from industry leaders and the industry itself, there’s a pretty good chance that only better things are up ahead. For investors, now would be the perfect time to invest in cannabis, but they should still do research on their own.

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