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There are actually plenty of signs to tell that you are a control freak. You may either not realise that you are one or deny that you have the behaviour. Knowing more about the details will help you determine for yourself.

1. Trying to change others

You have a firm belief that other people can change and that you would be a happier person if they did. You will most likely point out the traits that you wish to change in them repeatedly then attempt to help them make the transition, based on an article by Inc.com. This is one of the main signs that you are a control freak.

2. You keep trying to change yourself

You believe that there is such a thing as being acceptable to all and that a person can reach a status where he can be appreciated with everyone around as well as contribute well to society. You might make a list about what you think are your flaws and intend to change these to make yourself a better person.

3. You get frustrated over things that are beyond your control

One of the signs that you are a control freak is not knowing the things that you can change and the things that are already beyond your control. Thoughtcatalog.com wrote that a control freak might "get angry at inanimate objects like computers or cellphones."

4. You are afraid to fail

You might do your best to cover all areas to ensure a definite result simply because you are afraid of failure. Control freaks manage every aspect of their lives because they get frustrated over things that are unpredictable or beyond their control.

5. You over-prepare

You might have a backup plan for everything that can actually work to your advantage. However, be careful about over-preparing which can take a toll on your available time and budget.

If you discover some of the signs that you are a control freak, it may be time to relax a little. Leave a room for mistakes and adjustments and stay calm if things do not turn out the way you expected.

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