Most decide to spend the Christmas in the usual way: lights, food and togetherness. However, some may wonder if they can spend their Christmas in unusual way. Here are five out-of-the-box ways to spend holiday money.

A friend for the lonely

Some may have a family to spend the Christmas with, but there are others who don’t. Holiday bonuses or just even extra cash this season can be used to make this Christmas better for them. Australian Red Cross allows people to donate for elderly people who are lonely this Christmas.

With $65, Red Cross will call 30 elderly people so that they may hear a friendly voice over the phone this Christmas. A little over that amount at $95 can also help homeless youth to get back on their feet. See other donate option HERE.

The Christmas Bowl

This cause intends to help around 60 million displaced people in the world. “The Christmas Bowl,” initiated by non-profit organisation “Act for Peace,” makes a connection between the Australian Christian community with people experiencing dreadful hardship and suffering all over the world.

It takes $60 to give soap and clean water to two refugee families in Ethiopia, $470 to help train female teachers in Afghanistan and $1,215 to support a family in Zimbabwe to start their own kitchen garden so that they may grow their own food. Donate HERE.

Life-changing gifts

Christmas is all about gifts, but some gifts may change people’s lives. CARE Australia allows people to buy various gifts for people around the world. Unlike most Christmas gifts people usually spend money for, these gifts will make a major difference in someone’s life.

It takes $140 to help a Syrian family with emergency food package, $75 to send a girl to school and $46 to send thick blankets to a family which leaves home in the wake of disasters or conflict. More such gifts are available HERE.

Support for indigenous Australians

A donation as small as $2 can make a difference for the indigenous Australian community. It takes $50 to train an indigenous early childhood worker, $70 to fund literacy and numeracy resources for toddlers at playgroup and $100 to support a community playgroup session for one day.

There is also an option to donate on a monthly basis, not restricting it only for the Christmas. Read more from World Vision HERE.

Climate change

World leaders have gathered in Paris for extensive talks on measures to fight climate changes. A lot of people are aware of the risks involved in climate change, but not everyone moves a step further to help the cause.

Uniting World will help equip people for faith-filled action, buildi resilience, and advocate for climate justice and sustainable development.

It takes $40 to help a family access pastoral care and trauma counselling, $55 to prepare communities for resettlement and $80 to provide teaching on Christian faith, stewardship and the environment. A donation of $200 could help complete risk assessments for communities at risk of extreme weather disaster. Donate HERE.

None the above causes may make any difference to the usual Christmas celebrations. For some, there will be a smaller Christmas tree, but it will be a much brighter Christmas for someone.

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