IN PHOTO: People participate in an aerobics class at the gymnasium Reuters/ Juan Carlos Ulate

There are plenty of health tips for 2015 that will help you jumpstart your New Year's resolution to lose weight and prevent disease. The best approach is to stay practical and to set realistic and attainable objectives.

1. Quit bad habits

Quit smoking, drinking and taking harmful substances. If the habit has been existent for several decades, it will be ideal to first accept that you have a health problem or have trouble quitting completely. Tap support groups, websites and family members to successfully get rid of the bad habit for life.

2. Go for a checkup

One of the first steps to follow health tips for 2015 is to have a thorough physical assessment to determine if you have underlying problems that might not have presented symptoms yet. Have a physician check your blood pressure, cholesterol level, body mass index and blood sugar. Also go through other tests like a colonoscopy or mammogram. Learning about health risks will encourage you to stick to a healthy diet and strict exercise regimen.

3. Start eating fruits and vegetables

Remove unhealthy foods and junk from your diet and start adding fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Fruits and vegetables will provide you with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will prevent disease and reduce fat. These also keep you full so you do not develop hunger pangs and sugar cravings.

4. Sleep better

One of the best health tips for 2015 is that you get adequate sleep each night to reduce stress and fight fat. Getting sufficient rest periods every night and occasional naps will improve focus, memory and learning.

5. Exercise

Embark on an exercise program. Start with a realistic goal especially if you have been sedentary for a long time. Try walking for 30 minutes in your neighborhood two to three times a week. Gradually increase the intensity or try another form of activity like lifting weights after a month or so. Look for an activity that you personally enjoy so you can stick to the program permanently.

It will also be advisable to have a mentor to constantly give health tips for 2015 so you stay strong, healthy and lean throughout.