Clash Royale
"Clash Royale" is among the popular games from Supercell that contribute to the 100 million active players that enjoy the developer's games. Supercell

“Clash Royale” has just recently come to the Android platform, but already, fans have been clamoring to play Supercell’s new strategy-based hit game. Following in the animation and strategic approach of “Clash of Clans,” “Clash Royale” has now become a sensation.

For beginner players, it’s easy to get frustrated. Between several losses at the start to getting even the best cards easily killed—like the Giant, especially when players don’t know the usual, safer approach to offense—here are four tips to getting through the first few rounds of training and Arena 1, and get the most out of the chests doled out to players.

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Make sure to clear the free chest

After going through the training camp, players will realise that what follows is the grind. During the seven levels of beginner’s training, winning matches yielded a couple of Wooden Chests. This will allow players to level up a few of the cards at a faster rate to get ready for the first battle in the Goblin Stadium.

A few things about what resource is used for which aspect of the game in “Clash Royale.” Gold can be used to upgrade cards as well as purchase available cards from the store. The only way to get gold is either from chests or donations, for those who already have clanmates. Players who love to hoard resources will have to keep in mind that the maximum Gold possible is 500,000.

Gems, on the other hand, are more valuable resource. They can be used to buy gold, speed up unlocking chests, and more importantly, purchasing Treasure Chests. For Arena 1, there are three types of Treasure Chests available. The Giant Chest (210 Gems), the Magical Chest (320 Gems) and the Super Magical Chest (1,600 Gems). The Giant Chest has 550 to 650 Gold, x80 cards and at least eight Rare cards. The Magical Chjest has 200 to 250 gold, x30 cards and has at least one Epic Card and six Rare cards. The Super Magical Chest contains 1,200 to 1,500 Gold, 180 cards and at least six Epic cards and 36 Rare ones.

Once the player reaches the Goblin Stadium, there are a few new cards that can be obtained. These include common cards like the Spear Goblin and Goblin troops, the Rare Goblin Hut and Valkyrie and the Epic Lightning Spell and Goblin Barrel. Players will have to work their way up a total of eight Arenas to unlock more cards.

Wait it out, build it up and attack

There are undoubtedly many strategies when it comes to games like “Clash Royale.” While some prefer the run-and-gun approach, where aggressive attacks are aimed at confusing the opponent, one possible method that beginners could use is the wait-out and build-up approach.

The Elixir is the most valuable resource in “Clash Royale” when it comes to battle. Since matchmaking in the game pits players against others who are more or less in the same level and card strength, the strategy now lies in how well a player can use the cards.

Elixir level decides what card can be dealt in battle. Epic cards like the Witch or strong favourites like the Giant require five Elixir drops. Other less formidable cards, like the defense-heavy Knight or Goblin troop require less Elixir drops. During the match, both players’ Elixir levels are filled at the same rate, so waiting at the start for the Elixir to reach the maximum allowed (10 Elixir drops) can actually be helpful, as players can send more than one character at a time.

In fact, for those who love using powerful cards like the Giant, waiting it out works better, as the Giant can only attack towers and not defend itself. Having the Musketeer or Mini P.E.K.K.A. with him can make the Giant last longer in getting into enemy territory and thus deal more damage to a tower.

Expect defeats, but get a consolation crown

As with any beginner, players should get ready for defeats—and many of them. “Clash Royale” is all about finding the right groove and combination of characters and the pace that works best for a specific player. At the beginning, the waiting out strategy work because it lets players get a feel of how the other player works. With a limited and relatively weak deck of cards, it’s not surprising for one or 20 rounds of defeat.

The key is to make sure that the defeat counts. A good tip to remember is that while not all battles can be won with a Silver or even Gold Chest at the start, there is such a thing as consolatory defeat.

Like the free chest, “Clash Royale” offers a Crown Chest, which can be obtained with 10 crown wins. Most of the time, it features pretty good cards to strengthen a deck. However, the Crown Chest is available every 24 hours.

This gives players a good chance of playing through the game and ensuring two ways to add to their Crown Chests. When faced with a good run, players can collect two or even three crowns. For those who feel that the battle is a losing one, it’s best to ensure and nab at least one consolation crown. While beginner players may not have the most decent record of wins over losses, consolations such as these help in building up a good deck for the longer run.

"Clash Royale" trailer (Credit: YouTube/GAMINGwithMOLT)