Clash of Clans
"Clash of Clans" is set to receive fixes for the issues from the Townhall 11 update. Supercell

Supercell’s “Clash of Clans” is undoubtedly one of the developer’s biggest titles to date. It has enjoyed positive reception and very active engagement from players all over the -world. There is one market, however, that appears to truly bring its A-game in “Clash of Clans.”

Reuters reported that Asian markets appear to have one of the biggest traction for “Clash of Clans.” Earnings of the company has been pegged at 848 million euros (approx. AU$1.24 billion) before interest or taxes, with an increase of 64 percent as recorded for its 2015 earnings.

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The monumental growth of sales, predominantly due to in-game purchases, was attributed to areas in China, most notably China. Supercell sees China as one of its bigger markets. This is also due to how “Clash of Clans” finally saw release to all mobile app stores.

There is one more reason why China is becoming its biggest market for mobile games. As per one analyst, it seems that the developer’s games, in general, have just been more successful when it comes to tapping the Asian markets.

Currently, “Clash of Clans” is in direct competition with the likes of “Game of War: Fire Age” from Machine Zone Inc., The Wall Street Journal reported. Even though the revenue made for 2015 was not a big as the tripled revenue recorded for 2014, Supercell’s titles are arguably still among the hottest when it comes to mobile games.

The developer had recently released a thank you video to fans who have been supporting its four biggest mobile titles to date. When looking at the players of “Clash of Clans,” “Hay Day,” “Boom Beach” and the recently released “Clash Royale,” Supercell records a total of 100 million players engaged every day.

A new update is expected for “Clash of Clans” in the near future. Supercell has announced its plans over its official website, stating that there will be a new iteration of Clan Wars matchmaking and improvements for better matchups. For the most part, the new systems will require players to wait longer for matchmaking.

Supercell 100 million thank yous (Credit: YouTube/supercellgames)