GTA Online
GTA Online was released on 17 September. rockstargames

“GTA Online” and “GTA V” do not necessarily promote a good-boy rep in gaming. After all, the name alone, “Grand Theft Auto,” as well as the other popular activities in the game involve robberies, sniping, mugging and the like.

However, even though the overall vibe in “GTA Online” is technically criminal, that does not mean that its players enjoy being robbed and cheated on when playing the game. Sadly, such is the case with the newest hack that is currently running rampant in “GTA Online.”

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Over at Reddit, fans have been discussing and warning each other over the dangers of being in Public Lobbies, where a lot of the hacks have been happening. According to one Redditor, several “GTA Online” players have been experiencing a hack called “Insurance Fraud.”

What happens is that the cheater who uses the hack can spawn an expensive personal vehicle of which he becomes the owner of. From there, the vehicle will explode, and the chosen player in the lobby will face the consequence of paying the insurance amount for the expensive vehicle. Automatically, the money will be deducted from the player’s online account.

Several Reddit threads have been discussing the “GTA Online” Insurance Fraud. One thread even stated that the hack can drain the account of money permanently, which could be devastating for players who actually grind their way to earning the money instead of using cheats.

Digital Trends reported that as much as GTA$94,000 can be drained from the player’s accounts. Worse, anyone who is in the public lobbies can actually become fraud victims following this hack.

As if draining another player’s “GTA Online” account is not bad enough, the player who was cheated can even be put in bad sport category for blowing up another person’s car, as seen in the video below.

The video creator had also updated his video, stating that he had already contacted developer Rockstar regarding the problem. The developer had reportedly refunded the lost money. It cannot, however, do anything about the bad sport, as there is supposed to be a bug in the counter. What this means is that anyone who has been lobbied into the bad sport category may have to wait until the rep goes away.

“They also suggested that if they are unable to slow down or halt this insurance fraud mod menu and it becomes a bigger problem, they may remove car insurance and bad sport lobbies from the game in a future update,” said YouTube user Conker The Cat.

“GTA Online” has had its share of hacks and cheats even during its heyday when “GTA V” was recently released. Some of the bugs brought on by dead codes aimed to curb online modders are still in the game. With the explosion of the Insurance Fraud hack, it seems that “GTA Online” players have one more thing to worry about.

Insurance Fraud in "GTA Online" (Credit: YouTube/Conker The Cat)