Tesla Model S
The Tesla Model S will also feature a kid-sized version thanks to a partnership with Radio Flyer. Tesla

There’s dangerous hacking and then there’s good hacking. In the case of one Tesla Model S owner, it appears that it is good hacking, one that was even commented on by Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself.

Findings of Tesla Model S owner Jason Hughes is that the car may be in for some 100kWh battery boost. According to Ars Technica, Hughes came about the information while peering into the firmware model version 2.13.77 of the Tesla Model S. what he found was the image of the P100D.

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The story took a turn for the interesting, as Hughes later admitted that the firmware of his car appears to have been downgraded after he broadcasted his findings. Following a callout to Musk, the Tesla CEO responded, stating that he did not have a hand in it.

“Good hacking is a gift,” Musk said over Twitter as quoted by Ars Technica.

The new firmware for the Tesla Model S P85 is not the only thing that is making some waves. A new carbon emissions surcharge has recently been tagged to the Tesla in Singapore. According to CNBC, one Joe Nguyen had imported a Tesla Model S P85 from Hong Kong to Singapore to make it the first Tesla on the road.

However, he was reportedly required to pay 15,000 SGD (approx. AU$14,523) for a carbon emissions surcharge even though the Tesla Model S does not even have a tailpipe. The explanation given was that the Tesla Model S emitted 222g of CO2 emisson per kilometre, supposedly computed via a grid emissions factor.

What this means is that, for the Telstra Model S, the emissions are computed when the car converts electricity into power. As Nguyen had pushed for, the emissions tests conducted by the Singaporean Land Transport Authority was inaccurate.

“There is absolutely zero CO2 emissions generated by mu car or any electric vehicle. The CEVS scheme is meant to evaluate cars with internal combustion engines, which includes hybrids,” said Nguyen to CNBC.

During the process, even Tesla boss Elon Musk had gotten involved after hearing word of what has been happening to what is the first Tesla on Singaporean roads. The source added that there had been talks between Musk and the Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and even requested support for a waiver of vehicular taxes.

In the end, the request was denied, and the surcharge fees for Nguyen remained. However, even with all the fees and processes, Nguyen did have his happy ending with the Tesla Model S P85. He said that all of those were worth the experience of driving a Tesla, and even changing a few friends’ minds from petrol to electric.

Tesla Model S P85 review (Credit: YouTube/Everyday Reviews)