GTA Online
"GTA Online" players can play new Jobs and Challenges while waiting for the next update. Rockstar Newswire

The much-anticipated and speculated “GTA V” DLC may actually be real, if a new leak is to be believed. The source unwittingly comes from none other than one of the voice actors from an earlier iteration. “GTA San Andreas” voice actor Young Maylay, who had voiced Carl Johnson, had shared an image via Instagram.

In the screenshot, Daily Star reported that the voice actor had provided a screenshot of his character Johnson as well as Franklin from “GTA V.” In the same photo, there is a picture of him with Franklin’s voice actor. The caption for the photo mentions “GTA DLC.”

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Since then, the post has been taken down, but the image has been saved. Interestingly, the image was put up again, only the word “DLC” was removed, a very telling sign. More than the speculation of whether or not this actually means a DLC in production, fans have also been buzzed by the possibility that an earlier theory of Franklin being CJ’s son may in fact be the central plot to the theorised DLC.

While Rockstar Games still has not commented on the latest leak, there are still a couple of things to do—and avoid—in “GTA V” and especially “GTA Online.” The biggest issue with the latter is that an Insurance Fraud exploit is currently being used by hackers to permanently drain money from accounts of unsuspecting players.

This has been documented in some videos and Reddit discussions, where the community is warning other “GTA Online” players to stay clear of Public Lobbies first to avoid being victimised randomly. This continues to be a problem, as Rockstar Games has also not yet rolled out a fix or an official statement on what will be done.

On the other hand, there is also a new batch of Creator Jobs that can be played via “GTA Online.” Developer Rockstar Games has shown off a couple of fan-made Jobs that are creative and fun that the developer approved and endorsed it for the community to try. The newest batch, featured over the Rockstar Newswire, showcases wallrides, romantic walks, takedowns, races and more.

“GTA Online” fans can participate in a race all around the Port of Los Santos. Proven Race Creator XTamoga has put together the Tamoga’s-Wallride, which features several jumps and turns to get to the finish line. Among the other top Jobs in “GTA Online” is a stroll around the beach, funnily enough called Beach War from Axiom.. the creator. According to one team to go through the Job, one way to do so would be to go to the centre of the map immediately for one of the weapons found in the area.

One more top pick comes from Gravedanger2, titled Shooters V’s Everything. This Job involves takedown and kills in midair, thanks to the Job’s hard towards X vs. Y Job style.

A few other Jobs have made it to the list, including two jobs for the PS4 and two for the Xbox One. On the PS4 are John Marston’s Revenge, a Team Deathmatch inspired by Rockstar’s other title, and one from Pirata killer, which is set in The Land Act Reservoir. For Xbox One players, there’s MassRagN’s work filled with jumps and ramps all over Los Santos and the Adrenaline $tunts 2, featuring wallriding stunts.

"GTA Online" Insurance Fraud (Credit: YouTube/The Know)